Grow Weed Indoors the Easy Way

Learn How To Grow Weed.

Growing Weed Indoors for Beginners

Growing hydro medical marijuana is the best way to grow marijuana plants indoors for medicine. Freshest, largest harvests are grown in hydroponics or soil indoors or outdoors. Whether cultivated indoors or out, marijuana has the same requirements for growth. Plants need light, air, water, nutrients, a growing medium and heat to manufacture food and grow. If you are missing any of these you will not succeed. Indoors, you need to make sure you are using the proper lights in order to replicate what the sun does outdoors; air must be of the proper mix of humidity, warmth, carbon dioxide; water must be abundant but not excessive, and the growing medium must contain the proper levels of nutrients. Marijuana is typically grown as an annual plant, completing its lifecycle in 1 year. If you plant a seed outdoors, it will grow weed through the summer and flower in the fall.

Hydroponic Weed Growing Tips

Grow Weed with hydroponics. It’s the best way to grow weed if you are growing for size and quantity. Hydroponic growing is different from soil in that hydro weed grows using a watering and nutrient feeding system, all on timers, automatic on and off, whereas soil requires the grower to manually feed the plants. Hydroponic medical marijuana is most common for commercial growers due the fact that it produces larger marijuana buds in a faster time.

Growing Weed in Soil

Grow Weed in soil is better in taste, but smaller in size than hydroponic marijuana growing. Soil growing can also attract more spider mites and bugs or insects as soil is where mites and bugs prefer to live. Soil marijuana plants are manually supplied their nutrients and water by the grower. If you are growing a small harvest and are looking for the best tasting medical marijuana, then soil may be your best bet. If you grow your cannabis plants in hydro, you must make sure to flush regularly as this will ensure the highest possible flavors and aromas.

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How to Grow Weed Indoors