Types of Insect Sprays and Chemicals

Different types of insect sprays and miticides and their uses.

Types of Insect Sprays for Marijuana Plants

-Controls spider mites, Russet, fire ants, nematodes and leafminers.
-Mix with water. Mix .25 teaspoon (.125cl) per gallon (3.8L).
-Spray when temperature is between 70*F-78*F. Repeat every 5 days.

Baking Soda
-Controls powdery mildew.
-Saturate in water.
-Spray leaves and foliage. Repeat every other day.
-Caution as Baking Soda will change the pH of the foliage surface, which can eradicate the organisms.

-Controls numerous bacteria and fungi.
-Mix 5-10% with warm tap water.
-Use as a spray or disinfectant for cleaning inside your grow room.
-Use as often as needed or desired.

Bordeaux Mix
-Controls bacteria and insects.
-Mix following directions on bottle.
-Apply immediately using a spray bottle. Keep shaking while spraying.

Boric Acid
-Controls earwigs, roaches, crickets and ants by killing them via stomach poison.
-Mix borax soap in equal parts with powdered sugar to make toxic bait.
-Use bait around the base of the plants.

Bug Bombs
-Controls every insect or bug in the room the bomb is being used.
-Follow directions on the package the bug bombs come in.

-Controls Gray Mold, Foliar Fungus, Anthracnose, Blights, Mildews and many bacteria diseases.
-Follow directions to mix, then apply immediately after mixing.

-Controls caterpillars and other immature insects including larvae of white flies, fungus gnats, mealybugs, and leafminers.
-Mix with vegetable oil or canola oil. Mix prior to using in water with a pH of 6-7.0. Use a spreader sticker.
-Drench the soil or add to the nutrient solution which allows the neem oil to enter into the plants tissue and become systemic.
-Can also be effective when used as a spray.

Neem Oil
-Controls Spider Mites, fungus gnats, and aphids. Can also be effective against powdery mildew and rust.
-Mix prior to adding it to water with a pH of 6.0-7.0. Use a spreader sticker or spray.
-Spray on the underside of foliage, where mites live.
-Repeat every other day.
-Can leave a foul taste if sprayed on buds that are within a week of harvest.

Nicotine and Tobacco Sprays
-Controls sucking and chewing insects.
-Mix, use a spreader sticker.
-Combine with insecticidal soap and spray foliage.
-Repeat once a week.

Horticultural Oil
-Controls and kills slow moving and immobile sucking insects, spider mites and their eggs.
-Mix 1 teaspoon of oil spray-no more than 1% solution-per quart of water.
-Spray leaves entirely, including under the leaf. Repeat every 5 days.
-Stop use 2 weeks prior to harvest.

Vegetable Oil
-Use a lightweight vegetable oil to kill slow moving and immobile sucking insects, spider mites and eggs.
-Mix 3 drops of oil spray per quart of water.
-Spray foliage until soaked. Discontinue use 2 weeks prior to harvest.

-Kills aphids, whiteflies, spider mites, and insects including beneficials.
-Mix in water with a pH of 6.2-7.0 before applying Pyrthrum.
-Spot spray plants that are infested with bugs or insects. Most Pyrethrum comes in an aerosol can.
-Always apply just before the lights and fans go off for the night, to help keep it on the plant.

Synthetic Pyrethroids
-Controls aphids, whiteflies, thrips, beetles, cockroaches, caterpillars, and spider mites.
-Keep in mind that many insects are resistant to pyrethroids.
-Follow manufacturers directions for use.

-The suspended particles in seaweed kill spider mites and other insects by causing lesions.
-Dilute per the instructions.
-Spray directly on foliage and under side of leaves.

Insecticidal Soap
-Controls soft-bodied insects such as aphids and mealy bugs, spider mites, thrips, and whiteflies.
-Add a few teaspoons of soap to a quart of water to create a spray.
-spray when you first notice any sign of bugs or insects on your plants.

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  1. What is a cheap outdoor all around bug spray for my plants and easy to use this is my first grow out door and I don’t want to loose my crop to sucking bug eaters and everything else

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