Miticide Sprays

Miticide Sprays are becoming a very popular product in the medical marijuana growing industry as the rate of spider mites and other insects is also on the rise. I would not recommend using any chemical fungicides, fungistats, insecticides, or miticides on marijuana plants that are designed for human consumption, as these sprays are designed for edible fruits and do not enter the plant system.

Basics To Using Miticide

Always keep in mind that any and every spray out there will cause your plants to grow at a slower rate as the Stomata become clogged when foliage is sprayed and covered with a film-like residue. The stomata will remain clogged until the spray dries or is washed off. Always keep sprays away from your skin, animals, or anything you may come in contact with later like dishes or your bong. The best way to prevent insects in your grow room is by using caution and always keeping the room clean and free of dirt, tools, outside elements or pets, as these are the most common ways for insects to travel into your grow room.

Spraying Miticide onto the Plants

Take caution when spraying your plants with the miticide spray making sure not to kill the plants, only the bugs! Always follow manufacturers recommended dose chart when mixing the chemical with water. Once mixed, use a spray bottle and spray the underneath of the leaves until they are fully saturated, as this is where the actual bugs live. If spraying them does not work, you can mix the chemicals into a large bucket, then dip the plant into the solution, soaking the entire plant from top to bottom.

Types of Miticide Sprays

There are so many brands and types of chemicals used today as Miticide or bug spray. I prefer to use Azamax by General Hydroponics or any organic spray that is specifically formulated to kill the insects that are in the region you live and grow in. Click here for a complete list of Chemicals and Miticide Sprays used to kill certain insects and bugs.

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