Marijuana Dispensaries

Colorado Marijuana Dispensaries Map

Marijuana Patients get their medical marijuana buds or edibles (aka medicine) from licensed Marijuana Dispensaries. Medical marijuana patients need to first get their cannabis card prescribed by a licensed physician. Fees and laws will vary, depending on which state you live in. Some cards can also be used in multiple states. Dispensaries act as pharmacies when dealing with marijuana as you will not find them at your local drug store, not until the Feds legalize it. Cannabis Dispensaries sell everything from top quality marijuana buds to Marijuana Edibles. If you are in the medical marijuana job market and you are looking for a job as a pharmacy dispensary technician, you may want to consider going to medical school or taking Dispensary Courses to get as much knowledge about the medicine as you can. The growers on the black market is also a great place to find medicine since the dispensaries have been known for being overpriced.

Marijuana Dispensaries Caregiver Laws

Knowing how medical marijuana dispensaries work is important when it comes to purchasing your medical pot. Once you have obtained your doctors prescription for your medical marijuana card, you now need to list someone or a specific dispensary as your caregiver. Each state has different laws when it comes to operating a dispensary and caregiver laws, therefore you should know the laws prior to choosing a dispensary to be your caregiver. In some states, marijuana dispensaries are only allowed to sell each patient a set amount of medicine each month. Some states like Arizona will allow medical dispensaries to sell only a few ounces a month per patient. When you list a dispensary or person as your caregiver, you are giving them the rights to grow a specific number of plants needed to supply your medicine, which has been decided by Licensed Physicians and State Laws. Most people are allowed 6 plants and 2-4 ounces. Keep in mind, that when choosing a Medical Dispensary you should ask a few questions. Where is their pot grown at? Is it clean and free of bugs, pesticides and mold? These are common problems in every Dispensary!

Benefits of Marijuana Dispensaries

There are many Benefits of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries. Some of the most common are topics of the quality of the buds, prices, and locations of dispensaries. So many dispensaries grow their pot in large grow rooms or warehouses, allowing for more weight to be grown. The only problem with this method of growing pot is that when there are too many plants involved, the workload is typically too much for the growers. This results in plants receiving less individualized attention, lowering the plants quality of buds it produces. The benefit to the Dispensary Owners, is that they have large supplies of Medical Pot to keep their shelves stocked. Marijuana Dispensaries are almost always more expensive to purchase from due to the fact that they pay taxes, whereas most dealers that grow in small grow rooms don’t pay taxes. Marijuana Dispensaries also stock a large line of edibles as well as other marijuana related items (water pipes, pipes, joint rollers, vaporizer, etc).

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