Grow Rooms for Medical Marijuana

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Marijuana Grow Room Design & Construction

Setting up a medical marijuana grow room or grow warehouse, can be very difficult to design and build as well as very costly. Whether you are trying to build a grow room warehouse or a small marijuana grow room in a basement or closet, we are here to assist you step by step until the cannabis grow room is complete. We have designed and built many different marijuana grow rooms, ranging from a small basement grow all the way to our most recent 25,000 sq ft Grow Warehouse in Denver, Co. that produces over 100 lbs of fresh buds every month.

Medical Marijuana Grow Room Consultation

tall growhouse weed plantsWe also work as consultants to help you set up your own grow room. Many people are using warehouses now that it is legal to grow under a co-op with a dispensary in most states. Still many people choose to grow their medical marijuana in the comfort of their own home (basement grow rooms), and some people are forced to due to their state laws. The size of your location is important when designing your room, knowing how much electricity you will need, how many lights, how many plants and how big they will grow, as well as many other things like grow room security and safety, where to get your clones or mother plants from, and where to sell your finished product for top dollar.

What Size Grow Rooms we Build

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The Weed Scene has been building and consulting grow houses for 15 years now, and now we have the opportunity to do it legally. We just completed a 25,000 square foot warehouse build in Denver, CO. that yields approx. 120lbs every month. We are currently looking for some quality people to work in this warehouse. Please see our jobs listing for more info.

Handicap and Wheelchair accessible Grow Rooms

Grow Rooms that can be used or concealed as indoor medical marijuana growing rooms.

Indoor Grow Room Design

Indoor Grow Room Design

Medical Marijuana Indoor Grow Room Design or Setting up a marijuana grow room consists of basement or closet design, layout and blueprints, grow room construction and testing all electrical, plumbing, air and ventilation, grow systems, lights and electrical devises before
Indoor marijuana

Indoor Marijuana Grow Lights

Indoor marijuana growing requires the use of Grow Lights designed specifically for indoor plant growth to replicate the lighting that the sun provides for outdoor plants. There are many different grow lights available, all of them using different spectrums to
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Grow Room Setup for Medical Marijuana

Whether soil or hydroponics, indoors or out, greenhouse or warehouse, I am here to assist you in setting up a grow room using my many years of experience in Grow Room Design & Construction.
Grow Lights Tips and Secrets

Grow Lights Tips and Secrets

Indoor Marijuana Grow Lights Tips and Secrets that will help you with growing your cannabis, as well will help keep the grow lights in good working condition. Controlling Marijuana Growth using Grow Lights The life cycle of the cannabis plant
advanced nutrients

Advanced Nutrients: Good For Cannabis Growing?

Are Advanced Nutrients good for cannabis growing?According to Advanced Nutrients’ Michael “BigMike” Straumietis, a common misconception is that growing cannabis organically means simply cultivating the crop using only growing elements, such as nutrients and water, that are free of synthetic
How to Grow Cannabis Indoors: A Beginner’s Guide

How to Grow Cannabis Indoors: A Beginner’s Guide

You’re interested in learning how to grow cannabis indoors for the first time? Understand that growing cannabis indoors presents a unique set of challenges for the new hobbyist, and the sheer volume of information available on the subject can be
Choosing the Best Cannabis Seeds

Choosing the Best Cannabis Seeds

Choosing the best cannabis seed for your cannabis growing needs will be the 1st step you need to take when setting up a marijuana grow, unless you're planning on starting from clones. There are a couple of ways you can
Grow Cannabis: From Seed to Harvest

Grow Cannabis: From Seed to Harvest

Looking to learn how to Grow Cannabis? You're in the right place! This cannabis growing guide is designed to help you find the info you need to learn the cannabis growing process, from seed to harvest. Starting cannabis from seed
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Air Ventilation

When setting up an indoor medical marijuana grow room, making sure you can bring fresh air in and exhaust old air out for air ventilation is very important. The quality of air and Co2 inside your grow room plays a
Grow Room

Grow Room Security

Grow Room Security is important when setting up an MMJ Grow Room.Growing Medical Marijuana can be fun and rewarding, at the same time it can be very dangerous and risky. Securing your grow room is a very important issue when
indoor handicap accessible marijuana grow room

Handicap Accessible Grow Rooms

If you have a disability that requires the use of a wheelchair or you are physically unable to operate a grow room you will need the help of a specialist in Handicap Accessible Grow Rooms design and construction. Setting up

Grow Room Supplies

flush marijuana buds cannabis plants hydroponic chemical nutrient flushing

Flushing Nutrients

Flushing Nutrients from your marijuana plants is done every 10 days to ensure that the plants and roots stay clean from salt build-up, remove fertilizer residues that can accumulate over time in hydroponic systems, growing media, and potting soils. It
fox farm nutrients feeding schedule soil

Fox Farm Nutrients

Fox Farm Nutrients are used in the vegetative and flowering / budding stages of growing marijuana, as they are formulated specifically for marijuana plants, giving each plant the proper amount of nutrients it needs to grow healthy. Fox Farm plant
General Hydroponics Nutrients

General Hydroponics Nutrients

General Hydroponics Nutrients (GH) for marijuana growing are the best in my opinion. The General Hydro Flora Series, flora bloom, flora micro and flora grow are what I have used for many years to grow the healthiest, heaviest and overall
LED Grow Lights

LED Grow Lights

Led Light for Marijuana Growing are lights that are said to produce High yields of quality buds, less heat then normal HID lights and less electricity! Using LEDs as your indoor marijuana grow lights will allow for minimizing heat and
advanced nutrients big bud cannabis grow

Advanced Nutrients Big Bud

Advanced Nutrients Big Bud uses the right ratios of macronutrients and amino acids to make your cannabis plants produce the biggest buds possible. Is Advanced Nutrients Big Bud good for growing cannabis? You’re likely to be among the 91.7% of
advanced nutrients

Advanced Nutrients: Good For Cannabis Growing?

Are Advanced Nutrients good for cannabis growing?According to Advanced Nutrients’ Michael “BigMike” Straumietis, a common misconception is that growing cannabis organically means simply cultivating the crop using only growing elements, such as nutrients and water, that are free of synthetic
HPS Lights

High Pressure Sodium HPS Lights

High Pressure Sodium HPS lights are used for blooming stage (budding) of cannabis plants to produce marijuana buds. These high pressure sodium lights come in watts ranging from 150w to 1000w ballasts. I only use 1000w Hydrofarm HPS light systems
hydroponic water pump

Hydroponic Water Pumps

When it comes to using Water Pumps in hydroponics marijuana growing, I strongly recommend buying the best pumps that wont break down, and always have a backup pump in your room for emergency purposes. This could be the most costly
Clone Machine

How to Build a Clone Machine: Video

Build a Clone Machine step-by-step how-to instructions. Building your own clone machine for marijuana plant clones can save you money and allows you the chance to customize your clone machine to the size and to the amount of clones it
air filtration supplies grow room

Air Filtration Supplies

Marijuana Grow Room Air Filtration Systems Designed to eliminate odors and exhaust old air out and bring in new fresh clean air. Charcoal Can Fan Filters are the most common on the market today. I personally use Can-Fan Filters and
Grow Room Controls and Timers

Grow Room Controls and Timers

Timers for Lights, Pumps and Hydroponics
dutch master nutrients feeding schedule

Dutch Master Nutrients

Dutch Master Nutrients for marijuana growing are very popular with cannabis growers across the world. They are expensive, but the people that use them seem to love them. Dutch Master makes a few different product lines, ONE, MAX, Silica, Penetrator
digital ph tester kit hydroponics nutrient test

Ph Testers

Ph Testers for indoor marijuana growing test the pH levels of the nutrient solution, which is what actually controls the availability of ions that cannabis plants need to help them grow healthy and strong. Marijuana plants grow best in hydroponics
Marijuana Clone Supplies

Marijuana Clone Supplies

Here are all of the Marijuana Clone Supplies you will need when cloning your marijuana mother plant. These are all Amazon and Ebay listings as I have had great success over the years using them to ship my grow supplies
digital hydroponic timer

Timers and Atmospheric Controls

Electronic and Digital Timers and Atmospheric controls are very important tools when growing indoor marijuana. Timers allow you to turn pumps on and off automatically for feeding and lights on and off during their light cycle without having to be
Metal Halide (MH) Grow Lights.

Metal Halide (MH) Grow Lights.

Metal Halide lights are used during the vegetative growth stage of cannabis plants that are grown for medical marijuana. Metal halide lights produce the blue light spectrum marijuana plants need to grow big and strong. I personally use 250w Hortilux
Hydroponics Soilless Growing Mediums

Hydroponics Soilless Growing Mediums

If you are growing marijuana in hydroponics you will need soilless growing mediums to grow the plants in, since you are not using soil. The growing mediums provide support for the root system, as well as hold and make available
fluorescent grow lights clone

Fluorescent Grow Lights

Fluorescent lights are commonly used for growing indoor marijuana, specifically for clones, cuttings and seedlings. I know some people to use Fluorescent lights to grow their mother plants, although I do not recommend it as Fluorescent lights just do not