Flushing Nutrients

Flushing Nutrients from your marijuana plants is done every 10 days to ensure that the plants and roots stay clean from salt build-up, remove fertilizer residues that can accumulate over time in hydroponic systems, growing media, and potting soils. It is good to flush nutrients in all systems and media while plants are growing. Nutrient flushing can also be done between crops to clean the systems from accumulated salts.

Flushing Nutrients from Marijuana Bud Plants

Growing Marijuana or cannabis plants requires the use of chemicals and nutrients that the plants need to grow and to flower or bud. These nutrients consist of many different chemicals and salts. These salts build up in the plants root base and need to be removed or Flushed from the roots every 7-10 days to ensure the best tasting, cleanest buds you can smoke. If you are growing in hydroponics, you want to flush the nutrient reservoir along with the plants roots, and the growing medium you are using (ie., rockwool) as this is where the nutrients build up. Growing cannabis in soil requires the same flush as the salts and chemicals build up in the roots and soil. If you do not flush, you will end up with buds that have a chemical taste, which is not good for your health, as well, tastes like crap. Flushing marijuana plants is done during the entire grow cycle, every 10 days for 1 hour, as well, is done the entire last 10 days the plant is flowering. During these last 10 days of the bud stage, no chemicals are used to grow the plants. Just plain water with a pH of 6.0-6.4 along with the use of a cleaning and flushing agent like General Hydroponics Flora Kleen

Video on Flushing Nutrients from Marijuana Plants

This Video on Flushing Marijuana Plants shows you step-by-step how to properly flush all salts, chemicals and nutrients from your cannabis plants. Its a very simple and easy process that plays a major role in the quality of marijuana buds your cannabis plants produce.

When do I flush my nutrients?

Flushing Nutrients from cannabis plants on a regular basis will ensure that you get the best quality marijuana buds from your cannabis harvest. Flush your hydroponic or soil nutrients and chemicals at least once every 10 days. I personally let the trichomes tell me when to harvest, as well I note the day I started the harvest on a calendar, I count the days and weeks, but I harvest when about 10% of the trichomes are amber. Marijuana plants will continue to grow and bloom in every way during flushing, it’s just that they are forced to leach needed nutrients from the reserves contained within the plant itself, which is of course why we flush in the
first place, otherwise, our weed tastes like chemicals.

For my final flush I add General Hydroponics Flora Kleen to my nutrient/water reservoir and do the mild flush with the existing nutrients. Next, I run plain water pH 6.0 only for the last week. I wait until the trichomes looks milky before I do my final flush. When the trichomes are a mix of milky and clear, is when you can add stuff like Bud Blaster and SugarDaddy to fatten the Buds. A good flush improves the taste and smell of the final product. I personally dont use these during the flushing nutrients cycle but have heard many people having great success with them.

Flushing & Flowering Marijuana Buds (same time, same system)

The video above show you how to use an ebb&flow system for flowering marijuana plants, and still allowing you to continue to keep some plants in that same system in the flowering or budding stage. I simply add an extra nutrient reservoir under the tray tables, modify it slightly, then fill one reservoir with flora kleen flushing chemical to flush the almost done buds. In the other system I add nutrients like General Hydroponics Flora Series (bloom & Micro) due to the fact that the plants in that tray were started at a different time than the others, so they still need to be fed nutes to stay in flowering mode. Flushing Nutrients from your cannabis plants and marijuana buds will make the buds you smoke much tastier and healthier.

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