Hydroponic Grow Systems

Finding the right Hydroponic Grow System can be frustrating due to amount of different systems sold for marijuana growing. I will make this very easy on you by recommending the same Hydroponic systems I use, which by the pictures and videos you can see how well they work.

Tray Table Hydroponic Systems

I use tray tables to grow my clones into mother plants. I like these due to the fact that its very easy to maintain and very easy to move plants around. You can use a variety of sizes of buckets to grow in, as well you can use rockwool slabs with drip system to feed nutrients.

Hydroponic Bucket Systems

I use bucket systems for my bloom stage as they allow for larger plants to be grown, as well they can be spaced as far apart as you require. I use bottom-feed ebb and flow 36 site systems with a 55 gallon water nutrient reservoir for my bud plants. I have made many custom bucket systems and have found that its easier and cheaper to buy them new.

Its ok to buy Hydroponic Grow Systems Used as long as the timers work and the buckets or trays are not broken.

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