Vegetative Growth Stage

The vegetative growth stage of cannabis growing takes place after the clone stage, or seedling stage (depending on how what you started with – clone or seed?), and before the Flowering Stage (when the plants start to grow marijuana buds). The vegetative growth stage for Cannabis plants usually takes place between week #2 & week #5, depending on how big your marijuana plants are and what strain you are growing, as every strain has it’s own specific life cycle.

The Vegetative Cannabis Growth Stage is the growing stage between seedling growth/cloning and the flowering stage. The seedling growth stage lasts about 2 weeks after the cannabis seeds have germinated. Once a strong root system is established and foliage growth increases rapidly, seedlings enter the vegetative growth stage. During this time it is crucial for you to know everything there is about your strain(s). As the plants mature, the roots take on specialized functions. The plant uses its center and old, mature portions to store food and transfer food and nutrients to the proper places. The tips of the roots produce elongating cells that continue to push farther and farther into the growing medium in search of more water and food. The single-celled root hairs are the parts of the root that actually absorb water and nutrients. If roots are exposed to light they will dry and be damaged.

How to Transplant Cannabis Clones into Vegetative Growth

Once you have established a healthy root system, its time to transplant clones to vegetative growth. This also applies to seedling growth. This seems like it would be very easy, but trust me, this process could make or break your harvest. You should always take extreme caution while transplanting, making sure not to damage any roots. First, make sure whatever medium you are using (rockwool or soil) has been soaked with water balanced at 6.0 ph for at least 1 hour. This will keep the roots from drying out. When using rockwool, make sure you do not crush or pinch any roots when transplanting. Once you have carefully inserted the plant into rockwool you now need to put this into a grow pot or bucket. The video below shows you step-by-step the proper way to transfer clones.

What Lights are Best for Vegetative Growth?

Vegetative Stage Light Cycle used to Grow Cannabis

Choosing the proper lights and hours to imitate the sun’s spectrum is crucial for vegetative growth. Using a metal halide light will give the plants the spectrum they need to grow healthy. Vegetative growth is maintained under 18 or more hours of light per day. I personally choose 24 hours of light to promote faster growth, as I need hundreds of plants weekly to maintain my warehouse grow operation. The best way to promote healthy, vigorous growth is to use a 250w halide to grow for the 1st week, 400w halide for the 2nd week and a 1000w halide for the remainder of time you choose to keep the plants growing prior to flowering. This method helps promote even growth without shocking the plant. I personally prefer Hortilux Eye Blue Metal Halide lights for Vegetative Growth as they have always worked the best. See pics below showing you the 3 different metal halides for vegetative growth.

Nutrients used to Grow Cannabis in the Vegetative Growth Stage

Find the Best Nutrients for Growing Cannabis Plants
If you need help finding the perfect ratio for mixing nutrients and water, this Grow App by Advanced Nutrients might help. It’s free and very easy to use.

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Vegetative Light Cycle

Growing marijuana indoors, you need to know the best schedule to set your timer for the Vegetative Light Cycle to come on and turn off. While the marijuana plants are in the vegetative growth stage they require a minimum of 12 hrs per day of ... Read More

Marijuana Mother Plants

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Cloning Cannabis

Growing Clones Growing Clones in the Vegetative Growth stage for mothers or for pre-flowering, requires the use of Metal Halide (MH) Grow Lights which produce the blue/white color spectrum plants need during the vegetative stage. Once your clones have rooted, its time to remove them ... Read More
Pre-Flowering and sexing marijuana

Pre-Flowering and sexing marijuana

Sexing Marijuana is only necessary if you choose to grow from seed. Cannabis grown from seed needs to go through pre-flowering to determine the sex of the plant, either male or female. Males produce pollen and seeds which can and will destroy a harvest. Female ... Read More
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Cannabis Growing Life Cycle

Cannabis growing life cycle starts fter a week or so of germination, cannabis plants enter the seedling growth stage which lasts about a month, depending on what method of growing you are using. Seeds for Cannabis Growing We specialize in cannabis growing by focusing on ... Read More
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Cannabis Seed Germination

Seed Germination is the process in which a plant emerges from a seed. Most Medical Marijuana seeds are purchased overseas from legit seed banks. Most growers choose to start their harvests from clones as they are much easier and cheaper to purchase and/or find. Whether ... Read More
Seedling Growth

Seedling Growth

Seedling growth begins once the seed has popped from its shell. Using the proper medium, the seed is placed with the root facing downward thus causing the leaves to grow upward. When done properly, the roots will not only act as a feeding source but ... Read More
Vegetative Week 1

Vegetative Week 1

Once your marijuana clone has rooted it is ready to begin the Vegetative Week 1 Growth Stage where it will be placed into a grow system and fed nutrients designed for vegetative growth, while it receives 24hrs of Metal Halide Light each day. Vegetative Week ... Read More
Vegetative Week 3

Vegetative Week 3

Vegetative Week 3 cannabis plants that are almost ready to transfer to the flowering stage to produce marijuana buds. These clones rooted in less than a week, then were placed immediately into grow buckets and placed in tray tables under 24hrs of Metal Halide Light ... Read More
Vegetative Week 4

Vegetative Week 4

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Growing Large Clones

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Vegetative Week 2

Vegetative Week 2

The Vegetative Week 2 growth stage is slow as the marijuana clones have just been receiving feeding nutrients for only a week, so the plants are not at the "fast grow" stage of their life. Video Step by Step Vegetative Week 2 Vegetative Week 2 ... Read More