Seedling Growth

Seedling growth begins once the seed has popped from its shell. Using the proper medium, the seed is placed with the root facing downward thus causing the leaves to grow upward. When done properly, the roots will not only act as a feeding source but will also anchor the plant into the medium creating a strong base. In this stage it is important to give the plants the proper amount of light per day to achieve maximum growth. Too much light is as bad as too little.

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  1. Excellent site ! Absolutely one of the best informative sites I have seen yet ! Thanks so much for this. This site has helped me soooo much, truly do appreciate it !

  2. why is all this very valuable information not organized ? You look at the germination video and then there’s no lead to transplanting 3 week old seedlings on that same page???? You look at vegetative growth and then there’s no lead to cloning or manicuring? Just a couple examples but every time you look or read something here you have to search like hell to find the next step?? Appreciate all your valuable info here but i wish someone would organize it!! Thanks for listening > Koda

    • i hear ya! its hard as a 1 man show to run a grow house, build a website and still stay organized. specially cus im adding new info every day.

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