Vegetative Week 3

Vegetative Week 3 cannabis plants that are almost ready to transfer to the flowering stage to produce marijuana buds. These clones rooted in less than a week, then were placed immediately into grow buckets and placed in tray tables under 24hrs of Metal Halide Light.

Sea of Green Video Week 3

Sea of Green vegetative week 3 growth stage.

Vegetative Stages Week by Week

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  1. can u give any insight on led lighting i am thinking of add them to my bud room but dont want to lose yield i am budding 20 plant and vegging 20 at a time so i hope you have some advice

    • the only experience i have w LED lights is when ive worked as a consultant for some grow shops. The LED does not produce as much spectrum as they should. takes more lights to make up for the loss of spectrum. the plants i saw growing under LED lights were significantly smaller than the ones growing under sodium lights.

  2. Ok, on your last recommendation 5 days ago I changed my light to a 250W MH for my 10 Grandady Purple clones to Veg them. They are all standing up real nice, and none seem to have any problems. How long do I keep them under the MH light and how big should they get before flowering them?
    I guess I have about 8 or 9 weeks left of flowering for my first ten plants.
    I am trying to time it right so my second batch will go into flower after I harvest my first ten I started in the flower room two weeks ago.

    • depends on how big you want them. they will grow approx another 25% in the flower stage so keep that in mind. i start budding mine when they are 12 inches tall for my tray table system, and for my flood bucket system i start them at 2 feet or so.

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