Dry Ice Kief

Dry Ice Kief extraction is by far the most effective and easiest way of extracting kief or the thc trichomes from the harvested marijuana plants dried clippings and leaves. Kief is the best thing to use as a base when making hash, oils, edibles or marijuana beverages. This is the cleanest and most potent way of doing any of this. This dry ice kief extraction method takes approx 5 minutes, and produces the most thc gland filled kief you will ever see. There is a video below with step by step instructions for you to use.


Dry Ice Kief

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Using Bubble Bags for Dry Ice Kief

Using Bubble Bags, a bucket and some dry ice you can turn your trash (plants clippings and waste) into high grade medical kief.
Simply take a few ounces of dried clippings and leaves and put them into a Bubble Bag Extraction Kit.

Take a few small pieces of dry ice (approx 1 lb) and add it to the leaves in the bucket.

Now take a 220 micron bubble bag, or the next highest number bubble bag you have and place it over the top of the bucket (like a condom).

Now shake the bucket for a minute, then turn upside down and shake steady for a few minutes over a large, flat, clean area. Continue shaking until no more dust “kief” comes out from the screened end of the bubble bag. You can now throw away the dry ice and plant material that is in the bucket.

Take a card or something flat and scrape the kief into a pile.

Dry Ice Kief Tumbler Extraction

Using a custom made kief tumbler, you can extract very large amounts of kief with ease. I built a large custom kief tumbler that runs on a bbq rotisserie motor and has Nylon 6/6 Mesh 10 Micron Opening 28 Micron as the basket. This allows for only the purest thc glands to escape the basket, which gives you a cleaner more clear colored kief. I used an electric drill to connect the main drive shaft, instead of the bbq motor. This allowed me to spin the basket much faster and get my finished kief quicker than the bbq motor would have done.

kief tumbler resin hash thc

Following the same method as above in the “bubble bag” method, you can extract kief using a kief tumbler. Simply add the clippings and dry ice to the basket, close it, connect drill, spin for a few minutes over a large, clean flat surface. Once the kief or “dust” stops falling out of the screen, its done and you can trash the clippings and dry ice. This Dry Ice Kief extraction method is the best way to extract large amounts of kief at a time.

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