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Vegetative Week 1

Vegetative Week 1

Once your marijuana clone has rooted it is ready to begin the Vegetative Week 1 Growth Stage where it will be placed into a grow system and fed nutrients designed for vegetative growth, while it receives 24hrs of Metal Halide Light each day.

Vegetative Week 1 Video

The Vegetative week 1 stage begins once you introduce the clone to new nutrients and more light.

Vegetative Stages Week by Week

  • Joe

    Still trying to find the series of videos on Cloning. Under the “Video” tab, i cannot find specific cloning videos. Are the cloning series under some other heading? I am buying ten clones at a time cause so many of mine wilted and died, I have nothingI can take any from right now. I want to take some clones later from the Grandady Purple clones I bought and am vegging now, and don’t want to screw it up again.

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