Growing Large Clones

Growing Large Clones for indoor or outdoor marijuana growing is much better than cutting small clones from the mother plant for many reasons. Large clones that are cut from cannabis mother plants are usually 3-5 inches tall when they are cut from the mother plant. Most “normal” size clones are 1-2 inches tall when cut. The larger the clone, the larger the plant will be in the end, resulting in larger mother plants that produce more clones and larger buds once the plants are placed into the flowering stage. Larger clones are more likely to live and root than smaller sized clones are.

Growing Large Clones in a Clone Machine

Using my custom made clone machine, I produce the largest and healthiest marijuana clones you will see anywhere! I simply cut the clone approx. 3-5 inches from the mother plant and in a week or so the plant will show roots. Once the roots show I continue to grow it in the clone machine for another week or so. Now the plant or clone is ready to be transferred to the vegetative stage or directly to the flowering stage if you are doing a sea of green method.

Video on Growing Large Clones with the clone machine

This step by step video shows you the difference between small short clones and large healthy clones and how they grow and what they produce. The large clones are much healthier and have a larger root base which results in larger stalks and stems, which allows the plant to grow larger buds in the long run.

Growing large clones vs small clones should even be a question now that you have seen this video!

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