Cloning Marijuana Mother Plants involves cutting a growing branch tip and rooting it. Moreover, cloning is taking one cell of a plant and promoting its growth into a plant. Marijuana growers commonly refer to a clone as meaning a branch of a cannabis plant that has been cut off and rooted. Growing mother plants allows you to take clones as often as every 4 days, however, depending on how many mother plants and the size of the grow room you have. By doing this, the grower is able to form a perpetual harvest, allowing for faster harvests and healthier mother plants.

Cloning and Cutting Marijuana Mother Plants

Importantly, cloning cannabis plants the proper way is vital to your plants growth and harvest. Whether using soil or hydroponics, taking cuttings is the same. Branch tips are cut using a clean razor blade, soil or rockwool cubes, and some rooting hormone like Hormex. These cuttings are trimmed and dipped into Cloning Gelor solution which helps stimulate root growth. Clones usually take up to 3 weeks to develop healthy roots, where my method and my custom clone machine will produce healthy roots in as little as 6 days. Once roots are established, clones are transplanted into vegetative growth. The faster you can produce clones, the faster you harvest. The video below shows you exactly how this is done.

Cannabis Plant Cloning for Cuttings

First, now that your clones have healthy roots growing, its time to transplant them into Vegetative Growth. Secondly, you will need to remove the rooted clone from your clone machine or your soil trays, depending on if you are growing in hydroponics or soil and place that cutting into the growing medium you are using. Thirdly, then the clone needs to be under a metal halide light for no less than 18hrs a day. Finally, once this plant is tall enough, you can either send it to the blooming stage or use it as a Mother Plant for Cloning Marijuana.

rooted clones After cloning marijuana mother plants you need to transplant the rooted clones to the vegetative growth stage

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