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Growing cannabis from a marijuana seed is by far the best way to grow fat, healthy buds and plants. It does take much longer to grow marijuana from seed than it does from clones as you have germinate the seed, veg it, sex the plants, flower them, then find which are worth keeping, then clone them. So many people on the internet and streets are selling seeds as scams, selling bad seeds or not sending any at all. If they do send them to you, you have to worry about the breeder they really came from and if they are the strain the person claimed them to be. Its just too risky to buy from non-reputable sources. Buying seeds from reputable seed companies or seed banks is very important, assuring the quality as well as security ordering online and using the mail to receive seeds.

Picking Your Weed Seed

Picking the right seed isn’t just picking up the seeds and saying, “Good enough.” There are different types of seeds. Here are the types of seeds that are available to “work” with along with their star ratings. (Stars are 1 to 10, with 10 being amazingly amazing.)

Hybrid Strains:

Jack Herer – 8. 4 Stars
AK 47 Weed Seeds – 8. 8 Stars
G13 Haze – 8. 1 Stars
Purple Power – 8. 0 Stars
Durban Poison – 5. 7 Stars

Indica Strains:

White Rhino – 8. 3 Stars
LSD Weed – 8. 2 Stars
Barney’s Pineapple Chunk – 5. 6 Stars
Blue Cheese 6. 1 Stars
Vanilla Kush – 6. 8 Stars

Highest THC:

White Widow Seeds – 8. 8 Stars
Sour Diesel – 8. 4 Stars
Super Silver Haze – 6. 4 Stars
Super Lemon Haze – 6. 3 Stars
Barney’s Tangerine Dream Feminized – 7. 8 Stars

Highest CBD:

White Rhino – 8. 3 Stars
Chemdog – 5. 3 Stars
Great White Shark – 5. 6 Stars
Barney’s Tangerine Dream – 7. 8 Stars
Blue Cheese – 6. 1 Stars


Seed Banks Worldwide

These are the different seed banks across the world. Each region offers different strains, hybrids, and variations of cross-breeding. I have always used Canadian Based seed companies as they are close to home and they have always provided the very best strains and seeds at very reasonable prices.

Dutch Marijuana Seed banks
Canada Marijuana Seed banks

Seed Delivery to USA

USA residents have a hard time getting good quality cannabis seeds for marijuana growing due to the fact that most seed banks wont deliver, although we have found a few that have. Getting seeds sent to the U.S is not difficult.

Viable marijuana seed is illegal in the USA, and many companies will not send seeds into the country. Others ship worldwide; as seeds are legal in their own country, they can be sold without question. Once in the mail, they are very hard to track. Virtually all seeds sent illegally into the US are passing borders without being weeded out by electronic surveillance or neutering electronic rays. The few recipients that have reported interceptions get a letter from the postal inspector stating their seed has been confiscated and no further action will be taken. Few US citizens are comforted by this official letter, and use a mail drop or other security measures. Check out for more information on mail security, and to find security software. Smart growers never give out any information that will help DEA agents to identify them.

Mail-order seed businesses have been under increased pressure since the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks and the apparently unassociated anthrax deaths. Mail delivery is slower, and under increased scrutiny. Nonetheless, seeds are reported to make it across international lines. X-ray scans and other security measures have not been reported to kill seeds.

Buying marijuana seeds

Buying marijuana seeds from Seed banks legally is how adults can purchase their medical cannabis seeds and strains without having to take a trip to a country like Canada, with legal award winning marijuana seed banks. Internet based marijuana seed sales from reputable seed banks receive top quality same day fast efficient discrete delivery. Marijuana seeds for sale within legal countries and provinces are displayed online worldwide. Over 29 countries have legalized medical marijuana. You can buy marijuana seeds by secure credit cards, bank transfers, western union, cash or money orders. Most prices have been reduced year after year. The marijuana seeds for sale at wholesale prices come with guaranteed germination rates. To buy marijuana seeds you must be of legal age, check your local laws, and find the best marijuana strain, searching for photos, descriptions, potency, low pricing, and secure ordering. Find the strains that produce excellent yields and are specially bred for highest quality potency as well as grow in the climate you live in. Finding online marijuana seed banks of the world is a click away.

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