Dutch Passion Seeds

DUTCH PASSION — Holland: This company has withstood the test of time. Henk, the owner, was the first to develop “feminized” seed that produces virtually 100% female plants. Henk notes his personal smoking favorites as Euphoria and Blueberry, even though Passion #1 (outdoor) and Skunk #1 (indoor) are his bestsellers. Check their site, dutch-passion.nl, and find more of their European varieties available than in North America. Next time you are in Amsterdam, check out their one-stop retail shop, Seeds of Passion (seedsofpassion.nl), Utrechtsetraat 26, 1017 VN Amsterdam, where they sell seeds from Dutch, Canadian, Swiss and South African breeders. Dutch Passion, B.V., Postbus 1579, 1000 BN Amsterdam, Holland. 10 seeds will cost from $40-$200

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