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SAGARMATHA SEEDS AND PSYCHEDELIC GALLERY — Holland: Yumbolt, which won first place in the 2001 Cannabis Cup Indica Seed category, will leave you with a mellow smile and no cares in the world. It was stabilized from Northern California genetics that originated in the Himalayan mountains. Tony, the owner, keeps his hands in the soil, doing germination tests and growing out all his varieties personally. Other notable varieties include Matanuska Tundra, derived from the famed Alaskan Matanuska Thunderfuck, and the Swedish star Stupersonic, which matures in 45 days indoors. More Sagarmatha Seed Strains below with pictures and growing information.

Blue Thunder
Early Riser

After almost 20 years of service we have emerged as a creditable source of connoisseur quality cannabis seeds. Together with your feedback and interest we will continue to provide a variety of delectable treats for the many marijuana farmers of the world. These “magic beans” have given Sagarmatha and friends many hours of enjoyment and entertainment. Every stage of development, from planning, planting to finally providing, has been a tremendous pleasure.

Almost every experience will have peaks and valleys over time – every farmer has their share. We believe Sagarmatha’s peaks will give our customers the highest cerebral views and physical sensations possible with marijuana.

All of our seeds are organically grown indoors.

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