Pre-Flowering and sexing marijuana

Sexing Marijuana is only necessary if you choose to grow from seed. Cannabis grown from seed needs to go through pre-flowering to determine the sex of the plant, either male or female. Males produce pollen and seeds which can and will destroy a harvest. Female plants produce marijuana buds. Counting up from the bottom of the plant about 6 nodes, you will see the pre-flowers, each sex having its own distinct flower. Males need to be removed ASAP or else your harvest will be ruined. If you are trying to cross-breed strains, then you will want to keep the males and their pollen.

Sexing Marijuana for Buds or Seeds Video

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  1. Hi,
    I am growing from seed and need to know when is the earliest into their seedling growth, when and how to determine the sex of my plants.
    I believe there is a stage in growth (like how many internodes) to turn the lights to a different cycle..then apparently the sex becomes apparent and I can remove the males and turn the lights back to 18 hours for the you know all about this or can refer me to another reference please..
    Thanks E

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