Flowering Marijuana Plants for Buds

flowering marijuana buds for cola tops

Flowering Marijuana Plants for Buds indoors or Outdoors, cannabis plants flower in the fall when days become shorter and when the marijuana plant signals itself that annual life is at its end. Indoors, you determine when marijuana flowering takes place simply by changing the growing nutrients, grow light bulbs, and the hours of light the marijuana plants receive each day. During flowering, leafy growth slows and marijuana flowers begin to form. Flowers without seeds are known as marijuana buds and better known as sinsemilla. If a male cannabis plant is in the grow room and its pollen is exposed, it will find its way to your female plants and pollinate it creating cannabis buds filled with seeds. Knowing when to flower your cannabis or marijuana plants is very important, otherwise you will end up with low quality buds.

Flowering Marijuana for Buds

2 weeks into flowering

white pistols showing signs of female

After you have pre-flowered your plants to determine their sex, its time to decide if you want to flower females for buds or if you want to flower males for pollen and cross-breeding. Female plants are known for their heavy, potent flowers filled with resin. The best strains for indoor growing are the ones that stay short and bushy with branches close together, creating denser buds and requiring less space to be grown in. Cannabis plants will start to flower when they receive 12 hours of light per day. In order to force flowering you also need to change the nutrients and the lights from Mini Sunburst Metal Halide 175w w/ Lamp
to Hydrofarm 1000 Watt HPS Radiant Economy Grow Light System. Most strains will show signs of flowers within 2 weeks of being introduced into flowering. The flowers will appear near the top of the plant, small white pistols will appear. The flowering time varies from strain to strain, averaging 9 weeks. Once your plants are done flowering you will need to harvest them. My videoshows you step by step on how to do this.

Flowering Marijuana for Seeds

Male Pollen/Seeds 3 weeks into flowering.

Male Cannabis Plants flower approx. 1-2 weeks before females. When male plants flower they release pollen, which will find its way to a female, creating buds filled with seeds. If you do not want seeds you need to remove the plant as soon as it shows signs of being a male. If you are choosing to cross-breed, you will want to have female plants in the room you are using for flowering marijuana.

  • Jeffery

    I started from seed. I have made clones of my females already. I added 4- 1000 watt high pressure sodium bulbs to my room now. I just changed my light cycle today to 12/12. My plants are just over 4 foot tall now. My last post I thought they were budding, they were not. Just showing there ta ta’s. I expect some buds to start within 9 days now. I sure have learned a lot since I started my first indoor grow. I used to put them outside and let nature do the work. Never again. I haven’t really enjoyed doing something as much as I enjoy my grow room. Things are looking great and I am looking forward to a good harvest. Thanks for the replys and sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner I must not had noticed the email.

  • R Patel

    You can still take your clipping, if you put it in a 18/6 or better yet a 24 hour light cycle it will revert back to veg state…

  • The best

    bro the more light spec the better i use both thru veg and flower but it will grow it your right its better to use as directed but try uesing both lights for veg and flower so hps and mh both running at the same time with 18 6 or 12 12 it works try it

  • dizzle

    did u start from seed or clone?

  • Jeffery

    I got a question. My grow room is really nice, I ordered everything from HTG supply. I have 4 400 watt grow lights. Nice charcoal filter system, A super strong fan for air serculation mounted into the wall and duct threw out the room and all air goes threw a filter b4 it enters the room, It is so air tight it is hard to open the door because of the vacuum. I have several oscilating fans threw out the room also. They are on a 3 part nutrient I also ordered from htg supply. The light are set to 18-6. My plants look great and are all do great. 1 Really big problem here though. My plants are budding and I don’t want them to. They don’t have big buds or nothing just white pistols are popping out like crazy. I need several cuttings off the plants so I can make my clones. I got just over $3500 in my system. I got the ebon flow hydroponics system plus the cost of everything else to build my grow room, light plastic, nutrients seeds all that good stuff comes out just over $3500. O my strains are Chease, Super Skunk, White widow and some mystery seeds I got who knows what they are. Any way my plants are budding and I don’t know what to do, I am not ready for bud I need my Mother plants. Any help would be great thanks.

  • no, the spectrum will not be sufficient for the plant to get the proper nutes and vitamins needed to grow healthy. always use a halide for veg and HPS for bloom.?

  • The best

    also your ph should be around 5.5 to 6.5 depending if your growing dirt coco or hydro 

  • The best

    you can use a buding bulb or grow bulb for veg as long as its on 18 6 lighting use floral noval grow and bloom both one part chems work great easy to use then the bigger the pots the bigger you can grom them but it will be a longer grow cycle its about 1 month to 1 gallon of dirt use that it will help and there is many other things you can do look into it co2 is dont change that i used the exhail sponge that makes co2 on its own  

  • yes, it wont hurt to do so. 😉

  • Chlorophyller

    Won’t work. For starters, the sun not likely compatable with flouresent fixtures(it uses a different ballast). Second of all plants just don’t like the sun as it’s not the right color spectrum.

    In nature, plants are supplied with 24 hours of metal halide, until september when a great high pressure sodium beam appears in the southern sky for their flowering season. In addition the rain supplies them with a pH corrected three part nutrient system and occasional cal-mag, silica blast and bud booster.

    And I’m guessing you didn’t watch the video.

  • Shanzo

    So when we see the pistols forming should I switch out of my (vegetive state nutrients) and begin our potassium and phosphate treatment? I think the answer is yes . Just need to make sure lol

  • chad

    I think its funny all these people saying that cfls dont work,I have three beautiful girls in my grow box under 8 100 watt cfls and they are perfect,healthy and strong. Why do people have to make it harder for a first timer,if you are on a budget go with cfls they work great… As long as you feed them right and dont over water are under water you will be fine. Yes metal halide are high pressure sod would be better but not everyone can have a set up for them.

  • the white light is not good!! you need sodiums. all purpose plant food is no good!! u need to use specific food for flowering, specific food for vegetative. if you see on my site i am using the general hydroponics 3 part flora series nutrients. 20 gallon pots are too big. causing the roots to grow to long resulting in long lengthy growth.

  • Anthony

    I started my vegging back in the begging of july 18 on until Aug.10th I put them into flowering blueberry my plants are atleast 6 feet tall the bottom half I see buds form but up top there are buds but the buds are not forming yet Iam useing 2/ 1000 watts bulbs and 6/65 watts 3900 lumens 2700k soft white what is the problem what am I not doing right? I use all purpose plant food my ph level is kept between 6.5 and 7.5 I also give them 15mins on of Co2 daily up to 1 hour why are my plants not buding. I have 8 plants in 20 gallon pots and 16 in 5 gallon pots

  • bwcool92

    Did u have a fan blowing from beging of planting? If you have a fan that is blowing not so much directly at the plant but make sure it moves the plant then it will grow a thicker stem from the beging but not much u can do now

  • bwcool92

    Im using cfl’s and my stems are thick and look like champs lol the way i did this was with a fan from the beging because if u use a fan then the plant uses more nutrents to build a thicker stem because of the air movment that is happing

  • it will grow and flower, but will be so skinny and weak!! use halide and sodium lights, at least 400w each.

  • pinch

    can i use two 65 watt cfl each 4300 lumens each 6500k to grow one plant? will that be good be enough?

  • curious

    would 2 65 watt cfl, each 4300 lumens so 8600 lumens in total, and both 6500k be enough to grow just one plant? and when its time to flower im planning to use 3 of 42 watt cfl,each 2700k. is this enough?

  • its natural.. use a jewelers loupe as i show u in the video “right time to harvest”

  • charlotte

    my plants are at 9 weeks and are budding nicely I was thinking I had three weeks left but I just can’t see how they will be ready on this time also the buds and top leaves are looking sick and vibrant in colour how ever all the leaves under neathe are yellowing and falling off please any advice needed also it is in a grow tent thanks

  • that guy

    and if your plants stem is weak you need to move the light closer. you plant could be stretching too fast. cfls dont get too hot so you can have them very close.also a small fan will cause the branches to wiggle and become fibrous and strong.

  • that guy

    to anyone who thinks cfls wont work they are just stubborn and set in their ways. i have 6 100 watt equivalent cfls in the day light spectrum 6500k. they are working beyond what i expect and are perfect for the guy who’s growing in his closet for his own personal smoke. they are not ideal for mass growing since you’d need so many and dont want to run the risk of overloading the power cord, but for a few personal plants dont let anyone tell you they wont work.

  • Not sure

    I started my plant back feburary indoors and once the timing was ok i put it outside, its now april and shes wanting to flower, i have no way of stopping it but its also not time for flowering yet, what should i do?

  • more light the better, as long as there is no heat.

  • piffmanpat

    Oh ok. Thanks. If I was to add mor cfl’s would that help? Can’t getanythng else. I justtake old light fixtures from my job that are being thrown out. Or is there a cheap effective alternative? I’m flat broke :/

  • cfl is your problem. not enough light for your plants to grow strong. if you watch and or read my content you sill hear me say a million times that cfl’s dont get the job done! 9-10 weeks is a very long time.. thats the amount of time it takes me to harvest from clone to finish!

  • piffmanpat

    Hey. My first time attempting to grow. Right now I have 4 cfls 6inches above the top of my one nd only plant grown from sour d discovered my plant is 4 weeks old and 14inches tall with 3 leaves per branch. The main stem is extremely weak how ever and droops. Have had a splint up for support for abt a week nd a half. How can I make the main stem stronger and how long shud I wait on switching from my 24/0 to 12/12? Thinking prolly wait till 9 or 10 weeks in.. good choice?

  • Adam

    when going from clone, how do you create the perfect shaped plant? also, when you say cut, do you mean you literally take the whole branch off and cut the whole top off the plant?

  • paranoid stoner

    1st day flowering

  • paranoid stoner

    I only have flourescent tubes for lights can I use warm white for flowering or cud I replace them weak lights with the sun and make up the 12 12 time with flourescents

  • yes, the “nut sacks” will open and if u look close enough u can see pollen.. or if u shake the plant it will create “dust”.

  • Brian

    How do you know if the male pollinated will I see powder

  • yes this is normal. after 8 weeks they usually automatically start showing signs of sex. bud them!!

  • Chad

    I have twenty one plants in veg, they are all starting to show hairs, they ar nine weeks old now and are four feet tall. Is the hairs normal under eighteen hrs of light?

  • feed her nutrients.

  • nikos

    I have a female plantthat iv been growin her for at least 4 month out side in a pot.
    She is MASSIVE and started to flower allready last MONTH
    how do i make her grow faster?

  • you will see “seed pockets” develop over time.. or when the harvest is complete u will find some seeds in your buds. keep fingers crossed and hope for the best,

  • Fella

    I was given a plant which I didn’t know was male in a room of 20 females, as the set up was elsewhere, I hadn’t visited in 2 weeks, and the male plant had blossomed and produced much pollen. The females seem to be good and are still showing good budding signs at their flowering stage, but how do I know for sure if they are ok? Ps, the male was removed as soon as I got to the grow.
    Please help as soon as possible :/

  • please watch the video on my site about harvesting,,, thats the reason i made the video.. teach you what you need to know.

  • george

    my white hairs on my plant are starting to turn orange, should i start to harvest?

  • This website is very helpful for me. I’ll talked in this website many times!

  • i like to cut every other branch off the seedling up until the 4th set, then i top the plant for the clone. this creates a perfect size bushy plant

  • Cts

    Try “FIM technique” on the top, it rocks! I do it multiple times on all branches (outdoor)

  • I like to cut the top after there are 4-6 branches growing. this will force bushy growth. 🙂

  • summer

    when and how do u pinch to get a full plant