Build a Clone Machine step-by-step how-to instructions. Building your own clone machine for marijuana plant clones can save you money and allows you the chance to customize your clone machine to the size and to the amount of clones it will hold. My method costs approx. $90 compared to $300 EZ Clone Machine – 30 from hydroponic grow stores.

Step-by-Step Video on How to Build a Clone Machine

This step-by-step video will show you exactly how to build a clone machine. I use the easiest and most cost effective way their is. As you can see in all of my clone pictures and videos, every clone I have is very healthy and 100% of them root within 5-6 days. I will be adding more videos in the future as I continue to find new and improved ways to build a clone machine.

How to make a clone machine

Materials needed to Build A Clone Machine

18 gallon rubber maid container with lid.
Rubbermaid 2212CPDIM Roughneck Storage Box

10 feet of 1/2″ pvc pipe
Charlotte Pipe & Foundry PVC 04005 0200 1/2″ x 2′ Pvc Sch 40 Solid Pipe – White

Pvc Primer and Pvc Cement
PVC Cement & Primer Twin Pack, 4 oz

4 – 1/2″ pvc 90 degree elbows
Genova Products 30705CP 1/2-Inch 90 Degree PVC Pipe Elbow – 10 Pack

7 – 1/2″ pvc tees
Genova Products 31405CP 1/2-Inch PVC Pipe Tee – 10 Pack

4 – 1/2″ pvc caps
Genova Products 30155CP 1/2-Inch PVC Pipe Cap, Slip – 10 Pack

1 – 1/2″ pvc female thread adapter
Genova Products 30305CP 1/2-Inch Female Iron Pipe Thread PVC Pipe Adapter Slip by Female Iron Pipe Thread – 10 Pack

1 – 1/2″ pvc male to female hose adapter
Gilmour 2939Q Premium Complete Garden Hose Quick-Connect Set

1 – submersible pump (minimum 300 GPH)
Beckett 7060110 210 GPH Underwater Pump for Small Ponds, Fountains, Waterfalls

10 – spray heads

2″ net pots with neoprene lids (as many as need for the size machine you build)
2 Inch Net Pot and EZ Clone Neoprene Collar Combo – 10 Pack

Tools needed:
11/64″ Drill Bit
1 7/8″ Hole Saw Bit
Tape Measure
Pipe Cutter
Pen or Marker

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  1. all of these answers are on this site.
    i let the air regulate the water temp. air temp is 75*
    pump is on 30mins every 6hrs
    flourescent lights with agrosun bulbs
    always use rockwool
    do not use RO water. ph 6.0 – as u can see in my vids and my site the nutrients i use are rockwool 1 a&b

    • Thanks. Sorry I have just watched your videos. Are the lights the 24 inch tubes? If so how many do you have over the cloner?
      Do you soak the rockwool to get it to pH 6 or in pH6 water?
      My water is very hard here and I use an RO system to bring the ppm down to 275-300. Given that should I use tap water still?
      I haven’t encountered the nutes you describe, but that isn’t saying much. Do you have the nutes in from the beginning?

    • yes 24″. 2 tubes in 1 fixture and thats it. yes soak the rockwool for 15mins prior to using. tap water is fine. yes nutes in from the beginning

  2. Hello
    I saw your video about the clone machine and I plan to build one.
    1. What is the temp that you have the water at?
    2. Do you control that or do you just let the air temp set the water temp?
    3. What temp do you put the air at around the cloner?
    4. How often does the pump run?
    5. What lighting do you use for the cloner?
    6. Do you always use Rockwool in the baskets for the aeroponic system?
    7. Does the water have any nutrient in it or is it just RO water set at pH 6?

    Thanks for your help. Your videos are very good!

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