Handicap Accessible Grow Rooms

If you have a disability that requires the use of a wheelchair or you are physically unable to operate a grow room you will need the help of a specialist in Handicap Accessible Grow Rooms design and construction. Setting up a marijuana grow room is complicated enough trying to figure out measurements and space to operate, then when you add to it the need for ramps, light movers, pulley systems, sinks, drains, electrical, security, air and ventilation and everything else can really create a challenge. I am here to help!

Handicap Accessible Grow Rooms Design

After recently receiving a request for my services to design and build a grow room from a physically disabled man in a wheelchair, I immediately began to create and design many new ideas for handicap accessible grow rooms as I believe disabled people are in need of medical marijuana even more than the rest of us. I had no idea how much was involved with setting up a grow room that a wheelchair can fit in until then. Now I have taken many hours of my time to come up with some very effective, cost efficient and profitable designs for marijuana growers with disabilities.

Handicap Accessible Grow Rooms Consultation

If you or anyone you know needs a medical marijuana grow room built to accomodate their special needs, I am here to help you. From simple projects like building ramps for wheel chairs or constructing scissor lifts or hydraulic lifts for wheel chairs allowing the grower the ability to grow larger plants and be able to access the tops of them by using a lift for their wheel chair.

Please contact me via email @ [email protected] if you would like my help designing, building or operating your handicap accessible grow rooms.

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