Ph Testers

Ph Testers for indoor marijuana growing test the pH levels of the nutrient solution, which is what actually controls the availability of ions that cannabis plants need to help them grow healthy and strong. Marijuana plants grow best in hydroponics when the nutrient solution pH levels are between 5.7-6.5, 6.2 being the perfect pH level. If your pH levels are low then you want to use pH Up (Potassium hydroxide), always making sure to avoid using Sodium hydroxide as it is dangerous. If the levels of pH are too high, then you want to use pH Down – (Nitric Acid, Phosphoric Acid, Citric Acid, Vinegar).

Digital Temperature & ph Testers

Digital Temp and ph test meters are commonly used in hydroponics and indoor cannabis growing to calibrate the ph and temperature levels of the water nutrient solution. These are all very reliable brands of Ph testers for sale.

Ph Testers for hydroponics

Ph testers and Automatic Ph Calibration tools make growing indoor marijuana easy!

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