High Pressure Sodium HPS Lights

High Pressure Sodium HPS lights are used for blooming stage (budding) of cannabis plants to produce marijuana buds. These high pressure sodium lights come in watts ranging from 150w to 1000w ballasts. I only use 1000w Hydrofarm HPS light systems with 1000w super hps hortilux bulbs. I have used these for the past 15 years and have only positive feedback on them! I also use light rail motors to move the lights on tracks.

1000w HPS Lights for Indoor Marijuana Growing

Here are the High Pressure Sodium Lights I use in all of my indoor medical marijuana grow rooms.
There are many options to choose from, although why try something else when these have been proven to work best. I replace my super hps bulbs every 6 months or 2 harvests, although if you are on a budget you can change them every year and still have healthy harvests.

1000w Bulbs for HPS Lights

I only use Hortilux Super Hps bulbs in my marijuana grow rooms to bud my plants. I run them 12 hours a day on light rail movers. I use 1 – 1000w HPs light to cover 12 plants using a light rail motor. Use a spectrometer to test the spectrum output on your bulbs, which lets you know when to replace it. Keeping good working bulbs that produce high spectrum levels is critical to the marijuana plants size and quality of buds it produces.

Remember that the proper grow lights will determine the size of your harvests, so NEVER buy used HPS Lights or Bulbs!

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