Air Filtration Supplies

air filtration supplies grow room

Marijuana Grow Room Air Filtration Systems Designed to eliminate odors and exhaust old air out and bring in new fresh clean air. Charcoal Can Fan Filters are the most common on the market today. I personally use Can-Fan Filters and Fans in all of my Grow Rooms. They have been proven to work year after year!

In-Line Air Filtration Fans

In-line fans or squirrel cage fans are used to move the air through ducts, into a filter to be scrubbed, then an exhaust fan removes the air. This is necessary for marijuana to grow as it needs fresh clean air, as well it will lower the chances of you getting caught due to strong smell and odors.

Can Fan Air Filtration Filters

can fan air filtration supplies grow room odor

Can-Fan brand carbon filters “The Original Can Fan” are the best at removing marijuana plant odors and keeping the air fresh and clean. Charcoal carbon can fan filters come in many sizes depending on the size of your grow room.

Carbon Air Filtration is the best way to get rid of marijuana plant smells and odors.