Timers and Atmospheric Controls

Electronic and Digital Timers and Atmospheric controls are very important tools when growing indoor marijuana. Timers allow you to turn pumps on and off automatically for feeding and lights on and off during their light cycle without having to be present to do so. They also work for all your air and ventilation needs as well. Timers do burn out and go bad over time, therefore it is very important to always keep extra timers around. I manually test each timer once a month to ensure proper function.

Timers for Hydroponic Grow Systems and Lights

Since there are so many types and styles of digital electronic timers for sale, I will only list ones that I personally use as I can vouch for them and their quality.

Timers and Controls for Atmospheric Stability

Use these timer controls for atmospheric stability and for turning on and off multiple pumps or lights at a time.

Digital Timers used for indoor grow rooms will be the best investment you make!

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