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Using Azamax to Kill Spider Mites


Using Azamax to kill spider mites on cannabis plants is the best method for indoor marijuana growers to keep their grow room pest free. Azamax does not harm the marijuana plant or the buds, and still works great at getting rid of mites, thrips, pests etc..

Azamax for Marijuana Plant Growing

AzaMax is a highly effective pest control method designed to decimate pest and spider mite populations in cannabis gardens and marijuana grow rooms. It is made from completely organic active ingredients, specifically one, potent, bio-compound found in Neem oil, which will not harm the buds or plants. AzaMax contains Azadirachtin A&B and more than 100 limonoids.

Chemicals in Azamax to kill spider mites

Azamax does not use hard chemical solvents and only uses food grade formulation ingredients. AzaMax is the only smell-free product and does not freeze during cold weather. AzaMax does not require any surfactants or sticking agents. AzaMax is so safe and free of residue it can be applied on the day of harvest. AzaMax targets spidermites, thrips, fungus gnats, aphids, whiteflies and many other airborne and soil borne pests present in indoor marijuana grow rooms. AzaMax is an antifeedant and insect growth regulator and it controls pests through starvation and growth disruption. It also is a good systemic product that plants can easily uptake through roots for efficient control of sucking, mining and leaf eating pests, a rare feature among biological or biochemical pesticides.

How to use Azamax on Cannabis Plants

The first time you see pests or spider mites in your grow room, use AzaMax as a foliar spray or combine the spray with systemic applications per the labels directions.

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  • Aaron daVIDS

    sns 203 works great

  • Joe Byars

    it gives instruction on the bottle

  • good stuff bro. glad to see you are keeping your plants in order. mites are a bitch!! but like you just said, u can control them if you take the proper steps in doing so,, keep up the good work!!

  • Joe

    I have found something else to help with soil born pests and in the Hydroponic Systems.
    Beneficial Neamatodes can be sprayed on the lawns, ground and put into the Hydroponic system.
    Do not use them in the Hydro System if you already have a Systemic Pest conntrol in the water, as it will kill the Neamatodes.
    They search out and when they find a pest and or it’s larvae it enter any orifice it can find and kills them. I believe they lay their own eggs in the host and when hatched it’s own young eat the host alive from the inside out.
    Dizzle is right, the best cure is prevention. Start using something like he mentions early in the game. It is best to prevent an infestation than trying to get rid of it when it is out of control.
    I let the floor get too soiled and left fallen leaves on the floor an d baskets. By the time I noticed the Spider Mites, it was almost too late.
    I used The AZAMAX as DIZZLE recommended first as a foliar spray and also in the water tank.
    After doing the Foliar Spray every three days I stopped and two days later Noticed they had been reduced over 90 percent.
    I then used A_ _ _ Y Liquid Organic Concentrare mixed with water and sprayed the leaves, stems, and basket tops with the dilute spray. It makes water over 500 times wetter, and it gets into the breathing holes of the Mites and drowns them.
    I did this three days apart for two times.
    Know why every three days? Any Eggs that are laid hatch in three days. The Azamax and other sprays will only kill the Adults, not the Eggs. So you also have to use Azamax every three days as a Foliar Spray.
    The Next day I bought some PREDATOR MITES from my local Hydro store and sprinkled them over all the plants. This was a big mistake for the following reason.
    The PREDATOR MITES are shipped in a ground cornmeal mix in the Tube they come in.
    I should have sprinkled them at the base of the plants in top of the Net Pot Basket.
    The Ground Cornmeal flakes got on the Buds and as they grew and matured, the flakes became part of the Bud.
    A Friend who I am a care giver for told me when he smoked them, he could detect a very faint smell like he was smoking Corn Flakes. Not too bad he said.
    So that is why not to sprinkle the PREDATOR MITES on the leaves or the buds.
    They are a different color than the regular SPIDER MITES so before harvest you can tell if anything is still crawling around.
    By my harvest time all the SPIDER MITES looked like they were gone. The PREDATOR MITES just go on eating any remaining Spider Mites left on the buds or leaves after you do your harvest.
    When they run out of SPIDER MITES to eat, they will die off in a few days while your Harvest is hanging to dry.
    Listen to what DIZZLE has to say about Pests and save a lot of time, money and heartache.

  • it stays good for a few weeks.

  • rpat

    How long can I store AXAMAX after mixing? I have three different grow rooms. If I stagger the treatments can I keep the stuff mixed and in spray container will it keep fresh over nite?

    Thanx for your input

  • Cyndi Parks

    What kind of a systemic would you suggest to use with Azamax. I purchased a home that was vacant for a few years and the pests have been running rampid!! I need to use a systemic to assist in the soil, and don’t want to harm the bees. Any help would be appreciated!!

  • i would start with azamax!! use for 10+ days spraying once a day. if this doesnt help, email me and i will dig out a “home brew recipe” i have and send it to you.. azamax usually does the job!!

  • Joe

    Due to the rain we had in San Diego County this last month I have had Ant Colonies move into my Grow room.
    At first I only noticed a few here and there, but last night I saw large numbers of ants trailing around inside my grow room.
    They were originating outside from the edge of my Footing where my grow room is sitting on.
    The rain caused them to bring their eggs out of the ground and they carried them up into my grow room and put them in my Baskets with the Hydrotron.
    I disturbed one of the net pot baskets in my Green Ebb and flow buckets.
    The ants came out in massive numbers carrying their eggs. It seems they have taken up living quarters in the top few inches of the Hydrotron Clay balls.
    I use A POPULAR dusting power which name begins with, “S” for my house, so I thought I would try it around the grow house foundation.
    It worked on keeping more trailing out of the ground and into my grow room.
    Only challenge is that they now have taken up house in my Grow room and inside my net pot baskets.
    Dizzel, do you have anything in your store to get rid of my ants?
    Would Azamax work, or is there some other systemic solution for my Nutrient tank.
    I did look at the “Pest” section but did not see something that said it kills ants.
    I also have Predator Mites in the grow room, which I put there to help combat a minor challenge of Spider Mites. I also just let loose two containers of Lady Bugs a couple days ago. So if you have some thing I can order from the Weedscene site I will jump on it.
    I assume anything I use to kill the ants will also directly or indirectly kill my bad spider mites, the good Predator Mites and the lady bugs? If so I will start over after I change nuts and water the next time. thanks for all the good advise.

  • Mike

    I have one plant turnig yellow on the leafs. It’s not the curling and yellowing, but a bright yellow running thru the leafs. Help I lost one already??????

  • azamax might help this… without seeing it its hard for me to know.. azamax definitely wont hurt it!!

  • i have it for sale right here on my site under the grow store link

  • Mike

    Leaves have yellow spots and a white film on board, will azamax help this?

  • Mike

    What stores carry azamax, or is it on line only??

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