Indica is by far the best choice for indoor marijuana growing , due to its short, squat, bushy growth. Indica plants have fat, wide leaves and fat dense buds. Most cannabis Indica plants are dark green, and some strains turn purple or reddish colors. The high from Indica Marijuana is a very heavy “head-high”. Most pure Indica strains smell like skunk or cat urine. Todays breeders are crossing them with other weed plants to create a fruity flavored smoke. Indicas are usually pest and bug resistant. Some will get gray (bud) mold, but not too often.

Indoor Indica Strains

Every Indica Strain grows different in its own unique ways. This list is only a portion of the indica bud strains that are available today. Each link includes a picture of that specific strain of indica, as well gives you a brief description of how the plants grow, how much weight they produce, how long they take to flower, the region of the world they come from and other details that you should know prior to growing that strain in your garden.

Northern Lights #5
Big Blue indica
Bunker Bud
Fast Girl
Lethal Purple
Poison Mighty Mite
Northern Lights
Blueberry NL
Holland’s Hope
Passion #1
God’s Treat
Afghani Special Indica
Blueberry Punch
Grapefruit Diesel
Grapefruit Kush
Grape Skunk
Magic Bud
Sensi Star
Sweet Purple
Amsterdam Flame
Durga Mata
Matanuska Tundra
Afghan #1 (the weed scene favorite)
Black Domina
Early Girl
Fruity Juice
Hash Plant
Maple Leaf Indica
Mothers Finest
Mr Nice G13 x Hash Plant
Silver Pearl
Skunk #1
White Russian
NYC Diesel

Buddha’s Sister
Rock Bud
Mr Bubble
Stinky Pinky
The Hog
Chocolate Chunk

Outdoor Indica Strains

Most every indoor indica strain can also be grown outdoors. Keep in mind that not every outdoor Indica strain is meant to be grown indoors due to the size of some of the outdoor strains.

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