kahuna bud plant

Kahuna Indica

Sativa / Indica
Origins – Super Skunk x Big Skunk Korean x Jack Herrer x Afghani Hawaiian
Flowering – 63-70 days
Harvest – Late September

One of Soma’s favorite strains, Kahuna is a 4-way cross that brings together a wide set of influences for a complex high. Soma recently renamed his Soma #9 strain kahuna, which is a Hawaiian title for a religious or spiritual leader that literary means “Keeper of the Secret”. The Kahuna variety has both tropical influences in its parentage, and spiritually attuning efects when used.

A medium-sized plant, Kahuna produces few side branches and a top bud that will impress you with its length and density. Due to the big, tight buds, conditions must be tended carefully for this variety. For indoor gardens, attention to humidity levels is key for mature buds that are mold-free. While recommended for indoors where variables can be controlled, outdoor growing is possible in reliably dry climates. An unreasonably rainy season could ruin the promising look of these thick buds with insidious mold.

When Kahuna’s proper conditions are met, the yield potential is fantastic, offering a harvest of up to 500 grams per square meter in a standard sea of green. This variety has shaken a little pepper into an otherwise sweet-tasting puff. A very sweet smelling variety with a powerful verebral high that invites creativity, this is great daytime pot, complimentary to most introspective activities, and comfortable for socializing with colleagues and friends. Kahuna offers medicinally valuable properties for many conditions without interfering with quality and clarity of one’s thought.