chronic bud plant

Chronic Indica

Sativa 50 / Indica 50
Origins – NL x AK-47 x Skunk
Flowering – 56-63 days
Harvest – Late October

Chronic is serious flower power. This easy-to-grow plant can produce up to 600 g per square meter under 600 watt lights; that’s a gram per watt. These desirable yields have been achieved with both hydro and soil methods. Hydro methods require less time in vegetative stage, around 3 days, whereas fledglings need about a week to get rooted in soil. Chronic wants to grow a huge end bud, and any side buds are much smaller, making it a perfect candidate for the sea of green method. Chronic colas are impressively monstrous, getting as big as a typical forearm. Serous Seeds advises against clipping to promote bigger side buds, which will result in a decreased yield.

This once predominantly indica breed has been updated with a sativa cross and stabilizing since 2000, which improved both the strength and resin content, while leaving the subtle sweet-spicy scent intact. The high has a full spectrum of effects that typically start in the mind and then move to the body. This variety has a light wildflower scent and flavor with almost no trace of pungency or tang. The smell is subtle when the plant is alive and can be enhanced to a delicious sweetness if cured and dried properly.

Chronic has shown two phenotypes in the past. Plants have typically been either short with chubby buds or thinner with more elongated, slightly fluffed buds on taller plants. Since the breeding work at the start of the new century, Chronic has become more uniform, resembling the latter, more elongated type. The buds are also denser and more resinous than before. Chronic flowers early, and shows gender easily, with good sized preflowers at the base of the fan leaves along the stem. This variety won 3rd place in the 1994 High Time Cannabis Cup in the hydro division.