Afghani Special Indica

Classification: Mostly Indica
Growing Environment: Indoor/Outdoor/Greenhous
Garden Skills: Beginner
Flowering Time: 6 – 9 weeks (indoor) or mid-November (outdoor)
Yield: Heavy
THC Range: 15 – 20%
Medical Uses: Insomnia, anxiety, pain relief, nausea
Breeder: KC Brains
Afghani Special tastes extraordinarily hashy, sweet and spicy flavor with a pungently sweet, musky and danky aroma. It’s a definite couch-lock strain that would be great for patients with insomnia, chronic pain, or eating disorders. This medication is very heavy-hitting.

This nearly pure Indica strain is a cross between Double Afghani and Afghani and was bred by the world-renowned KC Brains. The buds are huge, dense and sticky due to the enormous amount of tri-chromes present on them. They have a dark-green, nearly gold color with a forest of dark-orange pistils. A relatively new strain, don’t be surprised to see Afghani Special win a Cannabis Cup.

When cultivated outdoors, she has the potential to become absolutely immense, capable of reaching 9 feet. Afghani Special is ready for harvest from early to mid-November, depending on the grower’s preference. She has lots of colas that will require support during maturity with a huge yield. Indoors, she flowers for a brief period of 6 to 9 weeks, again depending on the grower’s preference. When cultivated indoors, these ladies will not usually reach higher than 4 feet, producing a heavy yield. Due to evolution, this strain is incredibly resilient, being naturally resistant to most diseases, pests and harsh climates.

Afghani Special, like most other members of the Afghan family, is not recommended for daytime use. It’s a great strain to treat stress, insomnia, chronic pain and chemotherapy patients. While the prices can be quite expensive ($50 to $60 an eighth) the medicated effect of mostly Indica strain is worth every penny. Beware of huge bong rips with this strain, not to say that you shouldn’t do it.