Mazar Indica

Indica 80 / Sativa 20
Origins – Afghan x Skunk #1
Flowering – 56-63 days
Harvest – Mid November

Named for the cannabis growing center in Afghanistan, Maza-I-Shariff, this variety derives from a resinous indica descended from marijuana’s motherlands, and Skunk #1 mother that adds some of her sativa traits. This plant does well outdoors, in the welcoming climates of Spain or California, but her November finish at Holland’s latitude encourages an indoor setup. Mazar also makes a good greenhouse plant.

Growing vigorously in either soil or hydro, Mazar tends toward a squat dwarf-conifer silhouette, a meter (3 feet) tall or less, this suits sea of green cultivation. She carries long chunky colas and thick leaves that stay green over her whole cycle. A third flowering waves comes just before harvest, so growers that are able and willing to let her continue growing may be rewarded with additional yields.

An obtrusive pine and sandalwaood aroma makes Mazar easy to conceal, and easier on the lungs and palate than other hashy varieties, this inhale full of soft incense is a quick ticket to turning up the technicolor of psychedelic enjoyment, but may also lead to couch lock and even heavy sleep. Smokers are slow to build up a tolerance to Mazar so this strain can be reliable as a nightcap. The occasional Mazar expresses sativa phenotypes, including a more upbeat and heady stone. Mazar won second prize in both the 1999 High Times and the 2002 High Life contests.