Amsterdam Flame Indica

Origins – strains from India & California
Flowering – 50-55 days
Harvest – Early October

Amsterdam Flame is a small-statured indica with colorful hairs ranging from the light orange that licks at the fire’s edge to the incandescent violet of the flame’s center. Foliage surroinding the bud is highly crystalized and dewy with resin, making this plant primo for hash lovers.

The mostly indica genetics mean that she is a bit bushy, with big fan leaves, and she doesn’t stretch much indoors. Her structure is Christmas-tree-like, requiring a little more space in a sea of green setting. The controlled size does not take away from the impressive yield, typically with one main huge bud, requiring fewer plants to produce good harvests. Indoors, the Flame does well in hydro, coco or soil media. Outside she can overcome her petite nature to grown over 6 feet tall, and branch out to be 6 feet wide. In a good season at temperate outdoor latitudes, a plant of these proportions can yield a half-kilo per plant.

With a THC content at 19.2 percent, this variety produces a pleasantly potent high. Amsterdam Flame combines bodily relaxation with a sweet fruity smell in the mango family to create a truly outstanding gourmet bud that satisfies all the senses. The taste is soft and subtle with a hint of strawberry. Potentially a sleeper, Amsterdam Flame is more inclined to a euphoric ease, with a body sensation like a marijuana massage. Bred in 1994 by Paradise Seeds, Amsterdam Flame has gained popularity in Germany and Austria.