early girl indica bud plant

Early Girl Indica

Type: Indica-Dominant
Yield: Heavy
Cross: Afghani x High-Altitude Mexican Sativa x North Indian
Flowering Time Needed: 8 to 9 weeks
Bred by: Sensi Seeds

Consistent, dependable and resilient, the Indica-dominant Early Girl strain of marijuana is a powerful crossing of Afghani, North Indian and High-Altitude Mexican Sativa. Around since the eighties, Early Girl cannabis plants are famous for producing incredible harvests of THC-loaded trichrome-covered, chunky and fat buds. She is a hearty grower and will thrive easily if you just make sure she gets some direct sunlight, regular water and a fair amount of nutrients. Give her those things then she will perform for you. That makes her perfect for noncommercial grow spaces including terraces, sun rooms, balconies and more.

Early Girl Marijuana Strain Buzz Rating: Beautifully-Colored THC-Laden Nuggets of Hash-Flavored.

Sensi Seeds is the breeder of the Early Girl medicinal cannabis strain. She requires between eight and nine weeks of flowering time and does well both outdoors and in. Sticky, overweight buds drip with hash-flavored trichromes that will relax your body and excite your mind simultaneously. This strain is excellent for growing large, single central colas, and also producing orbital tops that are nearly as impressive. Enjoy getting to know the Early Girl marijuana strain firsthand, and as soon as possible!