matanuska tundra indica

Matanuska Tundra Indica

Indica / Sativa
Origins – Alaskan hybrid
Flowering – 60-68 days
Harvest – Late October

Given to Sagarmatha from growers in the Matanuska Valley, this variety revives the majestic, legendary pot of the great Alaskan northland. This strain has also been known as Matanuska Thunderfuck, but Sagarmatha decided to use the more prudent “Tundra”. As the Alaskan word for “grassland”, Tundra makes this variety’s name perfectly descriptive – it’s grass from Alaska’s grasslands!

Proven as a great stable breed for crossing, Matanuska Tundra has been widely used in Sagarmatha’s hybrid programs. The flavor is chocolate, and the stone is a creeper, registering slowly and growing to a full, lethargicstone in the 5-10 minotues after a bong hit. Medical users have had good results alleviating pain with this variety.

An indica with enormous, palm-like leaves, Tundra stays short, but grows very thick with numerous side branches. Fat colas are coated with a frosty glacier of THC crystals. Sagarmatha recommends growing indoors. In an arid outdoor environment, this variety produces some chunky pot bushes that stay close to the ground and give good yields.

Gardeners should gauge Matanuska Tundra’s ripeness by the lower portion of the buds because the tips of the top buds will keep growing when the rest of the bud is ripe. Waiting for the tips to finish can cause frustrating and unnecessary delays in harvesting. Sagarmatha breeders experimented with this phenomenon, waiting to harvest one plant until the tips finished. After 115 days, they surrendered even though the top buds still had new, immature white hairs when they harvested. This plant must also be dried thoroughly because it may mold during thee drying period if all the moisture is not able to escape.