Twilight Indica

Twilight is a popular purple strain which has regularly had great results while grown outdoors. This may not be the right strain for indoor growth but most purple strains are better off being grown outside than inside. However if you choose to grow the Twilight strain inside you probably won’t run into any major problems other than waiting for longer than normal for the plant to develop.

Generally the Twilight strain is a high yielder compared to other purple strains and the buds are very heavy as well. The strain is 100% Indica and the bud has a similar taste to Afghan strains. The growth timeline for the Twilight strain is on par with the majority of purple strains. You will have to wait about seven to eight weeks before the plant begins flowering.

If you plan on growing weed outside and want to pick the best purple strain possible for outdoor growth then you will definitely want to go with the Twilight strain. There are other purple strains which could compete with the Twilight strain but this strain is just a phenomenal outdoor performer and shouldn’t be ignored.