hollands hope indica bud seed

Holland’s Hope Indica

THC Level:
Flowering Time:
8-9 Weeks
500-700 grams

Hollands Hope was originally named for her ability to produce excellent results in a changeable summer, giving hope to Holland’s outdoor growers. Holland’s Hope is an Indica dominant hybrid mix of Afghan and Skunk ancestry. It is extremely resistant to pests and mold which make it a top canadiate for outdoor growing. Reaching heights of over six feet and boasting high yields of 500-700 grams, Hollands Hope is considered a commercial grow plant.

Hollands Hope is known for having purple coloring and dense buds. The fruity aroma and smoothness of the smoke make it a great choice as a daily smoke. The moderate THC levels are a positive for smokers who like to regulate their high and continue on with daily plans. A few hits will give you the choice to be active or just relax. It will help relieve lack of appetite and assist with pain management.

Outdoor growers love Hollands Hope for its ability to produce great weed even during a wet summer. Full indica that provides a very heavy stone.

Overall Rating: 8
Top Effect: Euphoric
Top Medical Use: Stress
Top Activity: Listen to music
Top Negative: Dry Mouth