Black Domina Indica

Origins – Afghani x Ortega 6 x Hash Plant
Flowering – 60-65 days
Harvest – Mid September

Black Domina is a powerful smoke. Her resinous buds range from a harsh peppery scent to the dark smell of blackberies. Not intended for the sweet tooth, Black Domina buds taste smoky and spicy, leaving some tokers wondering if the pipe contains hashish along with the weed. She embodies the indica high, with overpowering body effects. While possibly devastating if used in the wrong circumstances, this strain is a great buzz for a day off or a nightcap when no serious work lies ahead.

This multiple cross is basically the result of stacking four of Sensi’s heaviest selected indicas in one hybrid: the Afghani SA, the Ortega hybrid developed in Canada, and a combination of the Hash Plant and the famed Northern Lights, both of which have origins in the U.S. Pacific Northwest. Because 4-way hybrids are hard to stabilize, expect the f1 hybrid to show some variation – but also expect 90 percent of your plants to drip with resin.

The Black Domina plant has large bracts and wide-fingered, indica style leaves. This variety was intended for indoor cultivation, and boasts a flower finishing time of under 2 months. The sea of green method is appropriate, but Black Domina will also be good as bigger, multi branches plants. If attempted outdoors, she may tend to run or produce lesser quality buds if the conditions are less than optimal. Growers at Sensi Cannabis Castle recommend hydroponics for a clean and easy grow with the quickest and best results.