Durga Mata Indica

durga mata indica bud plant

Origins – Cross of 2 Super Shivas
Flowering – 50-55 days
Harvest – Early October

Named for the powerful and revered Hindu Mother Goddess, Durga Mata represents the purity and strength of purpose residing within the divine essence of every being. In Hindu tales, Durga Mata carries the sword of truth, destroying demons, conquering ignorance and leaving humans to enlightment.

The Paradise variety of Durga Mata will bring out your inner philosopher. The aroma is herbal and spicy, with a taste like Turkish fruit. The buzz is potent and physically relaxing, but will not necessarily put you to sleep. She is the quintessential after-dinne smoke for an evening of deep conversation with friends.

Durga Mata’s Shiva parents were selected for their high resin content and easy in growth and maintenance. The variety is reliably homogenous, with clone-like result that make it perfect for a sea of green setup. These plants don’t stretch much upon flowering. If grown vegetatively for 2 weeks, they may shoot up another foot while flowering. The internode spacing is tight and the buds are dense, compact, and grow very uniformly.

Durga Mata is not too finicky about her environment. Indoor growing on hydro, coco or soil is all good. She survives rough treatment and still performs very well, making this variety an excellent choice for newbies or medical growers. Durga Mata is recommended outdoors in temperature lattitudes with mild climates, but has been grown in Holland with fine results.

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