Lethal Purple Indica

Type: Sativa/Indica
Yield: Medium to Heavy
Flowering Time Required: between 56 and 63 days;
Cross:Unspecified purple strains;
Bred by: Great White North

The Lethal Purple strain of marijuana is a thrill for every grower who loves the purps. The elongated Sativa-dominant bud colas will stretch into foxtail formations that will make your mouth water. By the eighth week of flowering, she will start turning colors and continue until she is a deep, dark purple that screams for consumption! Her 8 to 9 week flowering phase is thankfully short as she was bred for outdoor grows in Canadian climates. Of course, modern cannabis growers prefer to keep grows indoors where the environment can be dictated for maximum cultivation success.

If you take the time to properly grow the Lethal Purple cannabis strain indoors, it’s possible to achieve yields of 12 ounces or more per plant. She generates an excellent high that flies your mind in directions of optimism and energy. Her buzz creeps in more and more until you think it’s impossible to be any more exhilarated; all the while maintaining your abilities to function, converse and have a great time! Unspecified purple strains are used to cross Lethal Purple cannabis from breeder, Great White North. Whichever strains are used, more power to em! Check out the Lethal Purple marijuana strain for yourself soon and discover the reasons why she is one of the planet’s most popular and demanded every year.