NL #5

NL #5 (Northern Lights #5)

This state of the art Indica is the result of over 20 years of select inbreeding. Bred for vigorous growth, high yield, and superb high. A must for growers who prefer short bushy plants. The buds have an extremely frosted, resinous appearance and the yield is high.

Specifications: ~ Flower: 55-65 days ~ Height: 2-3? ? Sensi Seed Bank catalog

NL#5 is NL with another plant crossbred. Part indica, part sativa. Grows great outdoors, flowers quickly and has a pretty good yield. I know a few that have grown it. Call it the “Christmas tree” bud, the plant looks like one.. Thumbs up to it, it is a great strain. -V

I got NL#5 never had any problems with cloning, also if its real NL#5 (which is Pure NL) it has almost no smell at all which is great if ya grow indoors. The ones I’ve seen really fill out at the end of the flowering cycle, it sometimes looks like the yield will be marginal and then in the last couple of weeks–bam! I have found this with most indica strains, usually they do not fill out till the last 2-3 weeks of flowering. NL is a great indoor strain, one of my fav’s too. -Unknown

I grew Sensi Seeds NL#5 and it was one of the best plants I had ever seen. VERY distinctive aroma and taste, I agree with Skunkman, its like a psychedelic couchlock, the buzz goes for loooong. Plus its one of the best indoor plants I ever saw, very short and compact, mega-phat top-cola, pretty fast (8 weeks), wont grow much longer after inducing bloom, excellent flower/leaf ratio. I had good 400 gr./s.m. which I consider nice. Only drawback I noticed was you better watch the air humidity, they have a tendency to catch bud rot, and the colas are just too fat and sticky so the air won?t go into. But when you keep moisture down to max. 50% rh. you should do well. To my experience they are truebreeding, but on the other hand I heard that too much inbreeding out of a small number of species might cause some problems and show up some indica aspects you may not want to have. I heard of NL#5 F2 that smelled and tasted like shit and had a very dull buzz.