silver pearl indica bud

Silver Pearl Indica

Sativa / Indica
Origins – Early Pearl x Skunk x NL 5
Flowering – 45-50 days
Harvest – Early October

Silver Pearl is the dream child of Northern Lights, a Skunk #1 backcross, and Early Pearl. A true pearl of the pot kingdom, this strain manages to gift wrap all your favorite characteristics of its 3 parents and deliver them in 7 weeks or less.

The Early Pearl parent comes from the U.S. where it was developed in the 1970s and added to Sensi’s stable in the early days of the breeding program. A fast-finishing outdoor variety, Early Pearl was a sweet, mostly sativa strain with excellent mold resistance. Northern Lights #5, one of the super Afghanis, has become a building block at Sensi’s Cannabis Castle due to it’s great uniformity and compact buds. Skunk 28.5 is a Skunk #1 backcross that is consistent and has a high calyx-to-leaf ratio.

Silver Pearl keep the super fresh, honey flavor of its Early Pearl kin, combined with the consistency, quick finish, an dlow leaf count of the Northern Lights and Skunk. A short, indica type plant with dense, frosty flowers and few, wide-fingered leaves. Silver Pearl is easy to grow giving excellent indoor results and also performing in the greenhouse. Sea of green or larger plants are suitable, but Sensi prefers the easy and efficiency of the hydro grow. Silver Pearl handles stress with grace, almost never leading to hermaphrodites. The high is energetic and borders on halucinogenic, a great wake and bake buzz if you want to tingle throughout your day.

Winner, High Times Cannabis Cup 1994