bubbleberry indica bud plant

Bubbleberry Indica

Sativa 80 / Indica 20
Origins – Bubble Gum x Blueberry
Flowering – 60 days
Harvest – Late October

The name Bubbleberry is a merging of its parent variety names, Bubble Gum and Blueberry. Likewise, Bubbleberry has merged many of their flavorable characteristics. The Bubbleberry variety owes its uniform growth pattern, large size, thick sturdy stem, and sticky resinous flowers to mother Bubble Gum, who came to Holland via Indiana and Rhode Island. Papa Bluebery passed along the down-to-the-calyx purple hues and the flavor that is made more complex by the Bubble Gum influence.

Bubbleberry’s taste is rich and smooth with a hint of fruit. On and off the plant, the scent is skunky and pungent, making Bubbleberry less appropriate for covert public smoking or taking risks for outdoor growing with neighbors nearby.The Bubble berry buzz is cheerful, and can be counted on to chase your funk away.

This strain is recommended for beginners as well as the experimental grower looking for a variety with dependable, generous results. A thick-stemmed, straight grower that resist spider mites with gusto, Bubbleberry is happy in many growing environments, including the sea of green method, which will provide beautiful single colas.

A flagship variety for the grower, Bubbleberry has been a longstanding favorite at Amsterdam’s Grey Area coffeeshop, where it created lines around the block after receiving an honorable mention and intriguing write-up at the Cannabis Cup in the mid-1990s.