Harvesting Marijuana Plants

How to determine if your weed plant is ready to harvest

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  1. Dizzle, my beautiful outdoor flower is turning into a minor disaster. I got infested with catapillars and mold in about 1/3 of my buds. I had sprayed them early with Catapillar Killer and something for Mold, but I am seeing new Catapillar infestation. I started to flush and am out there daily picking off the catapillars and cutting off any buds with mold. Is it true the white moths I saw flying around are the one’s who laid the eggs? I will still have a significant harvest even after loosing a bunch. If I ever do outside flower again would it help to make up a bunch of net bags with Moth Balls inside and hang one inside each plant? Would that keep the moths away? i have my new inside grow room all set up and I will take clones and wait a week before going to the flower cycle of 12/12. I have a fine mesh screen for the Fresh Air input ventilation and that should keep out the moths and other flying nighttime insects. Thanks for all the help and advise. Geat information. Joe

    • from my personal experience w caterpillars… once they are present, they are near impossible to get rid of. they migrate like crazy and feast on the plants. in your area, ask a few pro garden stores what they recommend . maybe they have another bug to eat the caterpillars. otherwise just keep tending to them and keep your fingers crossed. they r like spider mites…they are disasterous!

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