Detecting Male or Female Cannabis

Detecting Male or Female cannabis plants is pretty simple to do. Cannabis plants should show first signs of their sex, male or female, within the first 2 weeks of flowering. The pre-flowers grow at branch internodes just behind the leaf spur or stipule about the fourth week of the vegetative growth stage, when the plant is six to eight weeks old. This is when the marijuana plant experiences sexual maturity. Male plants will show “nut sacks” or seed pockets, where female will grow white hairs which are the pistols out from their nodes.

Flowering Male or Female Plants

Flowering marijuana plants for seeds or for buds is the decision of the grower. If you are trying to cross breed strains or you want more seeds for future use, then you will want to add male plants to your female garden as they produce pollen which “impregnates” the female marijuana buds. If you are growing for income or smoke, then you do not want any male plants inside your cannabis garden as they can become a growers worst nightmare.

How to detect male or female video

A short, step-by-step video explaining and showing you what is a male plant and what is a female plant.

Signs of Male or Female Cannabis Plants

Male plant 3 weeks into flowering showing large pollen pockets “nut sacks” that will soon turn into pollen and seeds.
detecting male or female cannabis plant seeds marijuana buds pollen

Female Plant 1.5 weeks into the flowering stage. Small white “hairs” or pistols is what shows the sex of the plant.
determine male or female marijuana bud plant

Detecting Male or Female Cannabis Plants in Your Garden is a Must to Know.

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