Water and Nutrients

When growing Marijuana, using the best water and nutrients to feed your plants is the most important thing. Nutrients use the water to travel to the roots and allow them to be absorbed by the plant. Water uptake is governed by the laws of physics, so applying these laws, a grower can provide precise, properly balanced components to grow the best quality medical marijuana indoors.

Osmosis for Water and Nutrients

Osmosis is the tendency of the fluids to pass through a semipermeable membrane and mix with each other until the fluids are equally concentrated on both sides of the membrane. Semipermeable membranes located in the root hairs allow specific nutrients that are dissolved in the water to enter the plant while the other nutrients and impurities are excluded.

Reverse Osmosis Machines for Water and Nutrients

Reverse Osmosis machines are used to separate the dissolved solids from the water by moving the solvent (water) through the semipermeable membrane, but the process is reversed. This is done by applying pressure to the tainted water to force only pure water through the membrane. The water is not 100% pure with an EC of “0”, but most of the dissolved solids are removed.

Using Tap Water For Marijuana Growing

Knowing whats in your tap water in the region you live in will help in a major way when it comes to indoor marijuana growing. Most tap water contains high levels of sodium (Na), calcium (Ca), alkaline salts, sulfur (S), and chlorine (Cl). the pH could also be out of the desired range of 6.2-7.0. You can usually smell and taste water that has sulfur in it. Saline water is a little more difficult to detect. Most Coastal areas have high levels of salt in their water due the salt that washes inland from the ocean. In dry regions like Colorado that get less than 20-25 inches of rain each year you will find alkaline soil and water that is often packed with alkaline salts.

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