Cola Top Flowering

cola bud ready to harvest bud plant

Cola Top Flowering is when you trim and manicure the cannabis plants lower branches, cleaning and removing all of the small buds that do not get enough light, as well they just take nutrients away from other buds. By removing these small buds and branches you will force all of the plants nutrients to feed the larger cola top buds, which will result in a much healthier harvest. This also helps speed up the trimming and drying stage!

Flowering for Cola Top Buds

Cleaning and trimming the bottoms of the cannabis plants will create larger growth on top of the plants, hence the name Cola Tops. Cola buds are by far the best way to flower marijuana.

How to Video for growing Cola Top Plants

These simple steps can save you time and money when growing marijuana. Most importantly, this method is the best when growing for large cola top buds.