Vegetative Growth Stage

The vegetative growth stage of cannabis growing consists of marijuana mother plants, seedlings, clones and plants growing prior to their entrance into the bloom or budding stage. This section has been designed to help you step-by-step using videos, pictures and quality information some marijuana growers secrets.


Marijuana Mother Plants

When Growing Marijuana Mother Plants for Cloning, It is necessary to determine the sex of the plant and find which ones produce the best buds. Once you have done this you will want to have clones of that plant already in vegetative growth, which you can use as your Mother Plant. Mothers produce clones which… Read More

seed germination

Seed Germination

Seed Germination is the process in which a plant emerges from a seed. Most Medical Marijuana seeds are purchased overseas from legit seed banks. Most growers choose to start their harvests from clones as they are much easier and cheaper to purchase and/or find. Whether choosing to grow your weed in soil or hydroponics, the… Read More

Cloning Marijuana Mother Plants

Cloning Marijuana Mother Plants

Cloning Marijuana Mother Plants involves cutting a growing branch tip and rooting it. Cloning is taking one cell of a plant and promoting its growth into a plant. Marijuana growers commonly refer to a clone as meaning a branch of a cannabis plant that has been cut off and rooted. Growing mother plants allows you… Read More

detecting male or female plant seeds marijuana cannabis buds pollen

Detecting Male or Female Cannabis

Detecting Male or Female cannabis plants is pretty simple to do. Cannabis plants should show first signs of their sex, male or female, within the first 2 weeks of flowering. The pre-flowers grow at branch internodes just behind the leaf spur or stipule about the fourth week of the vegetative growth stage, when the plant… Read More

Pre-Flowering and sexing marijuana

Sexing Marijuana is only necessary if you choose to grow from seed. Cannabis grown from seed needs to go through pre-flowering to determine the sex of the plant, either male or female. Males produce pollen and seeds which can and will destroy a harvest. Female plants produce marijuana buds. Counting up from the bottom of… Read More

marijuana clone machine clones plants

Growing Large Clones

Growing Large Clones for indoor or outdoor marijuana growing is much better than cutting small clones from the mother plant for many reasons. Large clones that are cut from cannabis mother plants are usually 3-5 inches tall when they are cut from the mother plant. Most "normal" size clones are 1-2 inches tall when cut… Read More

Vegetative Week 1

Vegetative Week 1

Once your marijuana clone has rooted it is ready to begin the Vegetative Week 1 Growth Stage where it will be placed into a grow system and fed nutrients designed for vegetative growth, while it receives 24hrs of Metal Halide Light each day. The Vegetative week 1 stage begins once you introduce the clone to… Read More

Vegetative Week 2

Vegetative Week 2

The Vegetative Week 2 growth stage is slow as the marijuana clones have just been receiving feeding nutrients for only a week, so the plants are not at the "fast grow" stage of their life. Vegetative Week 2 Growth stage for indoor hydroponics medical marijuana cultivation… Read More

Vegetative Week 3

Vegetative Week 3

Vegetative Week 3 cannabis plants that are almost ready to transfer to the flowering stage to produce marijuana buds. These clones rooted in less than a week, then were placed immediately into grow buckets and placed in tray tables under 24hrs of Metal Halide Light. Sea of Green vegetative week 3 growth stage. Vegetative Stages… Read More

Vegetative Week 4

Growing marijuana in a sea of green Vegetative Week 4 is the time you transplant them to the flowering stage. Vegetative Week 4 Marijuana Plant Growing in hydroponics. Vegetative Stages Week by Week Vegetative Week 1 Vegetative Week 2 Vegetative Week 3 Vegetative Week 4… Read More

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