Learn How to Grow Cannabis

A Hydroponic bucket system uses anywhere from 1 to 32 buckets for growing and one bucket to act as a tank or reservoir for the returning water and nutrients from the growing chamber buckets. Gravity allows the water to filter through the rock down to the bottom and returns the flow water to the "reservoir [...]

Cannabis Afghan is by far my most favorite marijuana strain.  Afghanica Strains originated in Afghanistan. Cannabis afghanica plants are short in size and dark green in color. many people confuse afghanica with indica. Afghan strains are very dense and contain a very high level of THC, making this a great plant to grow for hashish [...]

Cannabis Ruderalis originated in Central Europe and made its way to Amsterdam in the 1980’s by a seed bank that was trying to improve their marijuana breeding program. You can find Ruderalis plants outdoors from Minnesota up north through Canada. Cannabis Ruderalis is also known as “ditch weed” as it is a plant containing very [...]

Flowering Marijuana Plants for Buds indoors or Outdoors, cannabis plants flower in the fall when days become shorter and when the marijuana plant signals itself that annual life is at its end. Indoors, you determine when marijuana flowering takes place simply by changing the growing nutrients, grow light bulbs, and the hours of light the [...]

Many people prefer to consume their medicine through Medical Marijuana Edibles, due to concerns about the health risk of smoking. Marijuana foods for medicine are called Medical Marijuana Edibles. Edibles are the most discreet way of consuming marijuana. Edibles can be made into daily foods, such as butter aka cannabutter, which is then used to [...]

Soil is made up of mineral particles mixed together with living and dead organic matter that incorporates air and water. Three basic factors contribute to the cannabis root's ability to grow in a soil: texture, pH, and soil temperature. Soil texture is the size and physical makeup of the mineral particles. Proper soil texture is [...]

Seedling growth begins once the seed has popped from its shell. Using the proper medium, the seed is placed with the root facing downward thus causing the leaves to grow upward. When done properly, the roots will not only act as a feeding source but will also anchor the plant into the medium creating a [...]

Harvesting Cannabis Plants for Marijuana Buds using a jewelers loupe or magnifying glass to check the color of the plants trichomes or thc glands, which will determine if the plant is ready to harvest and trim the buds for hanging and drying. Once you have checked the plants thc glands or Pistols for signs of [...]

The pH levels of the nutrient solution is what actually controls the availability of ions that cannabis plants need to help them grow healthy and strong. Marijuana plants grow best in hydroponics when the nutrient solution pH levels are between 5.7-6.5, 6.2 being the perfect pH level. If your pH levels are low then you [...]

With the boom in today's MMJ Market, comes the overstock of high quality buds for sale. This creates an uneven supply/demand effect, which results in lower prices and more difficulty selling your weed. If you are a grower that needs to sell some extra medicine, or a patient looking for new strains that your local [...]

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