The Best Strains for Marijuana and Sex

Research shows that sex and need go together. Why? Marijuana helps to calm nerves, thereby helping a user relax. It is known that anxiety can lead to premature climax, hence failed or less invigorating sexual activity. By using medical marijuana, the senses are activated, especially the sense of touch which heightens desire. People are practically different and therefore while some will get stoned by one toke, others need at least two to reach higher levels of sensuality.

For this purpose, the ‘smokie-pokie’ is the best. It’s major advantage is that one does not need to smoke too much of it to get high and aroused. It is better smoked by both partners for better performance. Using too much of it on the other hand may lead to people getting too stoned to perform. It is therefore prudent to take just a little at a time.

It is important to remember too, that different strains need to be used for different kinds of sexual pleasure. Some people do not understand that each occasion calls for a different type of love making. During a party mood, couples tend to go for the vigorous activity, while tired and worn out partners will need cool and calming sex. For each occasion, there is a strain to help users achieve their objectives.

Good high sex Strain Names:

1-Pink Kush

This is a Grade A++ and hybrid type. Even though it is a hybrid, it has dominant buds with pink hairs that gave it the name pink. It has an almost coated sugar look, is sticky and very resinous. It has a pungent smell that is almost similar to that of vanilla tea. The taste is kushy, almost like sugar that is over-coated and the strain is smooth too. The effects are almost predictable. Once it is ingested, it begins to show effects on the third and fourth toke. The indica properties are very active and can boost sexual arousal. This is because it is very potent with THC as well as CBD. When ingested, it begins to work within the first fifteen minutes. If overused, it can cause drowsiness which may dampen the sexual urge.

Other than sexual arousal, pink kush is also treatment to a variety of ailments. It is said to be good remedy for epilepsy, asthma and can get rid of insomnia, depression, anxiety, nausea and pain. It enhances appetite, sex and good feelings.

2-Island Sweet Skunk

This is a grade A+ of sativa dominant hybrid. The plant looks very beautiful with spear shaped long and dense flowers that glisten when exposed to resin. The buds form a patchwork with hints of blue, green, orange, red and purple. When the plant is still growing, it has a nice scent of grapefruit with ripe pink color. After it has been cured, it becomes more pungent with a less fruity scent. All the same, it still produces a mouth watering scent.

It is inhaled and smells almost like a ripe grapefruit. When exhaled, the taste is skunky and quite earthy. Just like its taste, the effects of the Island Sweet Skunk are amazing. The first exhale gives a floaty yet light feeling which sets in from the eyes as it works its way all over the body. After about 10-25 minutes, it stimulates the appetite. This is followed by analgesic feelings that are rather nice and warm. It is said to be a good daytime smoke and keeps away any pain in the stomach. To some users, the vision is improved while boosting energy to perform tough tasks. When vision has been enhanced, colors become vibrant and music enhanced. If there was any feeling of tiredness, it immediately disappears, leaving an individual feeling stronger and energized.

Apart from the above qualities, sexual desire increases. One easily gets aroused and during performance, there is untold energy which improves the quality of performance. Users of this weed say it is amazing for sexual acts. This can be attributed to its potency which stands at 10/10. With just two small hits, one is able to stay stoned for at least 3 hours. Word of caution however, because of its delicious taste, one can easily overdo it. To be safe therefore, it is imperative to use it with maximum caution. New users need to go slow as its overuse at the first instant can be overwhelming. The old users to have to practice restraint as it is easy to continue puffing even when one is already high.
As it grows, the plant often produces heavy, thick colas that produce incredible resin. The grapefruit scent it produces usually sets in as soon as the plant begins to flower. The sativa gene it exhibits gives the plant the tendency to stretch so much to a 12-12. The height might be a concern but no worry as it can be shortened with constant trimming to keep the canopy to a manageable level. During its production, it absorbs nutrients that offer it strength to thrive to an organic feeding which eventually gives it the amazing taste and scent that shines. The best description is ‘stable genes’.
Other amazing strains of marijuana include lemon skunk, sweet island skunk, and sweet skunk island among others.

The Chemical Way That Marijuana Targets the Male Body For Great Sex

There is a steroid hormone called testosterone which belongs to the android group. Apart from humans, it is only found in other mammals, birds, reptiles and some vertebrates. In the mammals, it is secreted by the testicles in the males and ovaries in females. Some small amounts of this hormone are secreted by adrenal glands. In males, it is the principle hormone which is also an anabolic steroid.
Testosterone plays a major role in the male reproductive tissues in the testis and prostate. Other secondary sexual characteristics promoted by this hormone include bone mass, growth of hair and increased muscle. Its other purposes include overall health and well being, and it also prevents osteoporosis.

Adult males have higher levels of this hormone than females. In fact, it is about 7 or 8 times more the amount produced by females. This means men have a 20 times more daily production of the hormone than women. It all explains why men are easily aroused as compared to women. While men are able to get easily aroused, only a few can sustain an erection for long. That is why people resort to the use of marijuana to not only get an arousal, but also perform for longer periods of time. This is how marijuana targets the male body for great sex;

The cannabis plant has more than 421 chemicals. Of this, 61 are cannabinoids. There are another 2,000 compounds produced during inhalation or ingestion by pyrolysis. All of them are represented by various classes of chemicals like amino acids, hydrocarbons, sugars, nitrogenous compounds and fatty acids. All these compounds put together contribute to toxicological and unique pharmacological properties of marijuana.
The major cannaboids in marijuana include THC or tetrahydrocannabinol which is the most active component of cannabis that contributes to its toxicity as well as behavioral changes in users. Once it is smoked or ingested, it leads to feelings of euphoria, happiness, relaxation, sharper vision, less pain and enhanced sexual arousal as well as performance. Ironically, there are other reactions that may be termed as ‘negative’ in case the drug is overused, or the potency is underestimated. These include rapid changes in the heart beat, feelings of paranoia, decreased respiratory rate, diastolic blood pressure and lung damage.

The levels of intoxication will therefore influence the drugs reaction on sex. Appropriate doses increases sexual stamina, power and length of orgasm, tactile sensation, prolonged, hard and bigger erection. Other attributes include emotional bonding with the partner, more gratitude after a fulfilling intercourse and better awareness of other sexual organs. At the same time, males become more loving, their attention to the aspects of lovemaking is enhanced and they are keen to engage in foreplay to arouse their female partners before engaging in the sexual act.

Males who used marijuana to boost sex report that the drug lifted them past their ego to a spiritual realm with the act taking on a symbolic importance beyond explanation. When their partners used the portions as well, they felt the mingling of energies was balanced and replenished leading to an energizing climax instead of the usual draining finale. Perhaps all these can be attributed to marijuana’s reputation as a sensory enhancer.

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