Marijuana Mother Plants

When Growing Marijuana Mother Plants for Cloning, It is necessary to determine the sex of the plant and find which ones produce the best buds. Once you have done this you will want to have clones of that plant already in vegetative growth, which you can use as your Mother Plant. Mothers produce clones which… Read More

seed germination

Seed Germination

Seed Germination is the process in which a plant emerges from a seed. Most Medical Marijuana seeds are purchased overseas from legit seed banks. Most growers choose to start their harvests from clones as they are much easier and cheaper to purchase and/or find. Whether choosing to grow your weed in soil or hydroponics, the… Read More

Types of Hydroponic Growing Mediums

Each Growing Medium for Hydroponic Marijuana Cultivation is unique in its own way. This page is designed to teach you the meanings and definitions of hydroponic growing mediums. These are the mediums that can be sterilized and reused when growing in hydroponics: Expanded Clay - also called hydroclay, hydroton or hydrocorn, are small clay pellets… Read More

Indoor marijuana

Indoor Marijuana Grow Lights

Indoor marijuana growing requires the use of Grow Lights designed specifically for indoor plant growth to replicate the lighting that the sun provides for outdoor plants. There are many different grow lights available, all of them using different spectrums to produce different growth in marijuana plants.

Cloning Marijuana Mother Plants

Cloning Marijuana Mother Plants

Cloning Marijuana Mother Plants involves cutting a growing branch tip and rooting it. Cloning is taking one cell of a plant and promoting its growth into a plant. Marijuana growers commonly refer to a clone as meaning a branch of a cannabis plant that has been cut off and rooted. Growing mother plants allows you… Read More

Hydroponic Systems for Growing Marijuana

Hydroponics is the science of growing medical marijuana without soil, most often in a soilless mix. Most growers today prefer hydroponics as it produces larger buds in a faster time. With hydroponics, nutrient uptake and grow medium oxygen content can be controlled easily. Cultivating clones in rockwool, coconut fiber or peat moss is considered growing… Read More

Clone Machine

Build a Clone Machine

Build a Clone Machine step-by-step how-to instructions. Building your own clone machine for marijuana plant clones can save you money and allows you the chance to customize your clone machine to the size and to the amount of clones it will hold. My method costs approx. $90 compared to $300 EZ Clone Machine - 30… Read More

general hydroponics flora series grow chemical nutrients

Nutrients and Water for Clones

Cloning marijuana mother plants requires special nutrients and water for clones to root and grow healthy. Knowing how to cut the clone is the first step. Once you take the clone or cutting, you need to make sure the clone is placed in cloning solution prior to placing it into rockwool or a clone machine… Read More

Cannabis Clone Machines

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MMJ Market – Buy and Sell

With the boom in today's MMJ Market, comes the overstock of high quality buds for sale. This creates an uneven supply/demand effect, which results in lower prices and more difficulty selling your weed. If you are a grower that needs to sell some extra medicine, or a patient looking for new strains that your local… Read More

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